Cover Art: Hunger Games 3 "Mockingjay" UPDATED

Mira! Mira! Mira!
(Look! Look! Look!)

The third and final installment of the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins has finally been named "Mockingjay" and above is the new cover art for it.

In truth, I don't think that the title "Mockingjay" quite grabs you in the same way that "Hunger Games" or "Catching Fire" does, but frankly my dear...we don't give a damn! We're just excited to read the rest of Katniss' story and August 24th can't get here soon enough!

And while we can't tell you what will happen in this 3rd book, David Levithan (VP Editorial Director, Scholastic) did tell us this what WON'T happen...

I am not, under any circumstances, allowed to divulge the contents of the third Hunger Games book. Nada. Nothing. Not a peep. I can, however, share with you five things that will not be appearing in the new book:

•Panem is not shaken up when District 9 is nominated for a best picture Oscar.

•At no point does President Snow utter the line, “This is Snowmageddon, baby."

•Despite internet rumors to the contrary, it is not revealed that Cinna has been secretly designing outfits for a Capitol operative known as “Lady GaGa.”

•All rumors of a crossover appearance by Geronimo Stilton are false.

•In a tough editorial call, we decided not to have Katniss win the Hunger Games…only to be interrupted by Kanye West.

Still not enough? Alrighty then...
Read what USA Today has to say about the new cover!

So I've been doing some thinking and this cover has me feeling 'luke warm'. I like the blue, but I would have gone with a royal to navy blue gradient. I think going with darker shades of blue would have made the cover pop more. I'm OK with the bird being the focal point - especially considering the significance of the Mockingjay in the story so far. However, I agree with Holdenj, the title "Mockingjay" is a bit under-whelming and too obvious.

Regardless of my personal feelings over the cover, they are not stopping me from buying this book, ha!

PS: Team Peeta baby!


  1. Just gorgeous. I can't wait for August.

  2. So excited. BTW girls, I think our fave B&N is hosting a book party for this book (like they did for Breaking Dawn)if they do, we are SO there! eek


  3. It's a great cover! I was a bit underwhelmed by the title the instant I saw it, but then it grew on my and made perfect sense for the movement of the trilogy!

  4. Good note I. I think a darker blue cover may have been more in keeping with the shades of the other books. But, it's still growing on me, I'm excited for Aug either way!


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