Random Acts of Kindness: March Wrap-up #RAK

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We'd like to pose a question.
We want to spruce up RAK a bit!  As much as we have loved hosting RAK and plan to continue doing so, we feel that it's lost a bit of its sparkle & shine!  We'd love to come up with a new, fun twist! Something that will get you folks excited about participating again.

So our question is:
Do you have any suggestions on something new that we can do with RAK? 
Any changes that you'd like to see made?

This is for you guys so your opinion(s) matter :)

Oh, and don't forget to post a link below to your wrap-up post so we can all check out your loot!



  1. Hum, i'm not sure what can be done, i do tryu to select some how give but don't receive as much as they give because it could be something that would make some to give up....but everyone is giving deopening on what she/he can perhaps to make a list of teh most loyal participants

    i did have a great month, the best one so far

  2. March was my first month but here's my link:


  3. Well, I don't have a blog, so I can never post if I receive something. I don't really know of anything to spice things up. Maybe a drawing for some fun swag from those who participate each month?

  4. Here's my wrap up link:


    As for shaking things up, I'll have to think about that one. I agree that it needs a bit of a tweak, but I'm not sure what it could be. As long as you don't do away with it completely!

  5. Hrmm....not sure, but I understand what you mean. Maybe some sort of contest or game associated with RAK? I enjoy sending off books to a better home, once I'm finished with them, but it's more of a quiet, anonymous gifting program more than anything else.

    Anyway, here's my RAK wrap-up: http://artemishi.blogspot.com/2013/04/luck-o-rak.html
    Thanks, as always, for hosting! :)


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