Fierce Reads Tour - Miami Stop

A few weeks ago - ok, fine, several weeks ago...this post is severely overdue - I attended the FIERCE READS TOUR at Books & Books in Coral Gables, FL.

The FIERCE READS panel included:

 Emmy Laybourne - Author of the Monument 14 Series
Anna Banks - Author of the Of Poseidon Series
Leigh Bardugo - Author of the Grisha Series
Gennifer Albin - Author of the Crewel World Series
Jessica Brody - Author of the Unremembered Series

This was such a great tour!  These ladies, aside from being insanely talented, are absolutely hilarious.  They are witty, clever, snarky (which we LOVE) and were just an all-around good time!

Our Miami readers were on point, too!  We threw some pretty deep & probing questions at them like: 
  • If you were being chased by zombies, which character (from any of the books on the panel) would you want to have your back? (Asked by local bookworm and associate blogger, Andy)
  • If you could trade lives with ANY book character, in literary history, who would you want to be? (Asked by yours truly ;)
For me, though, the highlight of the night was the signing portion.  It's our chance to get to speak to the authors one-on-one, goof off with them, take pictures, and persuade them to return with promises of Cuban pastries and coffee!

THIS night was a little different than most.  Every author we've met has been kind enough to take pictures with us but Emmy Laybourne took it up a notch. She took some nice classic pics with the fans, but she also decided to have some fun with us and take crazy, goofy pictures.

Now most of you probably know that I am very "petite" and Emmy wanted to do something a little different so I now present to you...THIS!

This was definitely a first...for both of us and I am STILL laughing about it!

Well, here we are weeks later and one of my local book pals found a video on the Fierce Reads YouTube channel where the authors talk about their favorite moments from the tour.

Well, you 'lljust have to watch ;)

I can't get over the coolness of this moment! This was such a surprise! Thank you to Emmy for sharing this, and for pronouncing my name correctly (lol) and thank you to my pal Ursula for finding this!

Just another prime example of why AUTHORS ARE OUR ROCKSTARS!

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