RAK is back...Secret Santa style!

After some months of struggling with what to do about RAK, some of our followers suggested doing a Secret Santa and we loved the idea so much that...

RAK is back...Secret Santa style!
In order to allow us time to arrange everything, this special Christmas Edition of RAK is going to run for TWO months instead of the usual one month!

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  • Participation requires that you agree to send your assigned contact (1) Secret Santa gift (selected from the wishlist provided).  In exchange, you will also receive a Secret Santa gift from the person that was assigned your name.
  • We suggest that you put a note on/with your gift stating that it's a "Secret Santa RAK gift" and include your name/blog so that the recipient knows who the gift is from :)
  • The form will ask you for your Top 5 Wishlist Titles as well as a link to the rest of your wishlist (located on Amazon, Goodreads, or your blog, etc).
  • The form will accept sign-ups starting November 1 through November 24. 
    Sorry guys, but the form will be closed after November 25th to allow us time to assign & distribute.
  • All participants will be contacted via email on December 1st with the information for their Secret Santa recipient.  It's very important that you check your inbox for this message!
  • You will have from December 1st to December 25th (the sooner the better) to send out your RAK.  After all, it is to be a Christmas present!
  • E-book participation is limited to files being gifted directly to a person from the e-book store. Amazon's Kindle, Barnes & Noble's Nook, and the Kobo store are all set up to allow this.  We do not, ever, encourage people to send pirated books so we urge you to use your discretion if/when accepting PDF files not sent through a retailer.
  • At the end of the month (by Dec 31st), show us your R.A.K by creating a "RAK Wrap-up" post.
  • You may also show off your participation by grabbing our *new* Christmas Edition RAK button!
Remember that you can order from Book Depository to ship to an international friend!

Sign up for RAK: Secret Santa 2013
(Note: This time, you guys don't get to see who else signed up because it's a seeecret ;)

If you have any questions regarding RAK, please contact us via Twitter or at our email booksoulmates @ gmail . com

1. When talking about RAK on Twitter, please use the hashtag: #RAK. It makes it much easier to keep track of the conversations, answer questions and/or tweet back! =)
2. When submitting your wish list, please make sure that it is set to PUBLIC viewing. Some people have had trouble with wish lists that were set to private. We want to be sure that no one is left out of getting great RAKs.
3. Some of you have gotten frustrated because you can't get your links to appear active. This is a very easy fix :) Just make sure that when you enter your link, do NOT hit the Enter key. Instead, hit the TAB key which will send you to the next field on the form. Additional spaces entered after the link will leave the link inactive.  However, if this does happen to you, no worries, we'll fix it for you.


  1. Can't wait!! I love this idea :)

  2. So I just saw this today is there anyway to still sign up since it's still the 24th. I've been away from my computer for a bit I just got married last saturday so I'm a bit behind on bookish things

    1. Hi Ashley,
      CONGRATULATIONS on getting married ♥
      Sure, I reopened the form so you can sign-up :)
      XO, Isalys

  3. I, uh...may have gone overboard. Is there a limit to how many things we can send? Is more than 1 OK?

    1. Hahaha! Of course :) It's your gift to a fellow bookworm so you can give whatever/as much as you want! That's really sweet of you, too.


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