#WhatsInMyBookBag Instagram Hop: 1.10.15

Instagram Hop


Hi guys!!I It’s Saturday again (yay!) so that means it’s time for another round of #WhatsInMyBookBag link ups! We are super happy with everyone’s pics last week and we absolutely loved seeing all the books and notebooks you guys carry around. We’re definitely looking forward to seeing what you guys will be posting this week. :)

Check out a few highlights below :)


1. NovelsandNailPolish (top left)
2. Kyliekaemke (Top right)
3. Bookcrastinators (Lower left)
4. AppraisingPages (Lower right)

My pic this week:

ABM_1420925982Today I’m just carrying around my ‘I read YA’ tote along with the book I’m currently reading (and crushing on!), my Filofax, Le Pens, and my project life cards that I use to write down my favorite book quotes as well as decorations in my Filofax.

Want to participate too? Check out the easy peasy rules below!

• Follow us, your hosts, on Instagram: @BookSoulmates
•Link up your Instagram picture for #WhatsInMyBookBag
Tip: To find the image URL through your phone, go to your Instagram account, click on the image you want to share, then click on the three dots located on the lower right hand side, and click on ‘Copy Share URL’.
• Please visit other participants and like and/or comment on their pictures. Let’s show each other some IG love!

We hope you guys have a lot of fun taking pictures and making new IG friends!

Vanessa & Isalys

Now let’s get this party started! Post your links below :)

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