Blog Soulmate: Smash Attack Reads!

It's another bright and shiny Monday morning and we have another BLOG SOULMATE to tell you about :)

This is our way of telling them that, "Hey, we think you're cool and we love your blog and we want the world to know this!"

{Note: This is an exclusive award and not intended for being passed on. However, our chosen blog soulmates are welcomed to do a post on their own blogs letting their followers know that, well, we like them!}

Our BLOG SOULMATE Award for this week goes to:

Ash from Smash Attack Reads!

Here's a little snippet on our gal pal:
"Thanks to my mom, I've been reading my entire life. I'm one of those weirdos who reads while they eat alone. Even in restaurants. My good friend started reviewing books for fun and started her blog a few years ago. I didn't have the time or the interest. And then one day, I said "Why not?" So, here I am, to annoy you with my incessant chatter about love triangles, wicked, cool worlds, and book boyfriends. I love Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, Young Adult Fantasy, Angel Mythology and Dystopian Fiction, and I like to read outside of my comfy zone from time to time. When I don't have my nose in a book or my Kindle, I'm enjoying the company of my husband and our 3 cats, or scrapbooking. I'm pretty boring otherwise because I'm broke. Good ole grad school does that to you, but I have to suck it up because I now possess great power with my Masters in Social Work. *evil, maniacal laughter* Seriously, I read to escape. Being in social work can drain your emotional reserves something fierce, so I thank the authors of the world for their brilliant imaginations. You keep me sane. ♥"

Not only is Ash our blog soulmate but our owl soulmate too! Her blog is fun & interesting with a great variety of content. She is a rad chick that we're glad to have met and befriended. So go check out her blog, you'll be glad you did!!


  1. Way to go Ash!!!!

  2. Aww, ladies. I adore you to pieces. Thank you so much for the blog soul mate love. I can't wait to move closer to so we have lotsa fun!

  3. I just discovered Smash Attack Reads last night, so its fun to read more about it. Yay Ash :)

  4. *waves to Ash* congrats to one of the most beautiful Awards ever created!!!

  5. Ash totally rocks my socks off. She's without a doubt a very worthy recipient!

  6. Ash's blog is great!!! Nice choice for your blog soulmate once again!


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