15 Day Book Blogger Challenge [Day 1]

I'm a bit late to the party but I decided to join Good Books, Good Wine's 15 DAY BOOK BLOGGER CHALLENGE and better fashionably late than never, right? :)

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Day 1: Make 15 book-related confessions.

  1. My love of reading started as a slow burning fire!
    When I was younger, I would read on occasion.  Then a little more, and a little more, and when we launched our blog it became the all-consuming passion that it is today ;)
  2. I used to snub Historical Romances but now I'm a proud Smutty McSmutsmut!
    One of the first...actually might be THE first blog tour we signed up for in 2009 was "A Hint of Wicked" by Jennifer Haymore (a Grand Central title) and that was all it took.  Now it's one of my favorite genres! 
  3. I am SUPER anal about the condition of my books!
    With the exception of the mass market paperbacks, because it's nearly impossible to keep the spines perfect, you wouldn't even be able to tell that my books have been read. Most still look like new and I like it that way!
  4. I intend to finish every book I ever start...even if I have to forge ahead!
    I have only DNF'd (2) books in the last four years and it's because they were both just utterly ridiculous and even I have my limits.
  5. I am all about character development!
    I don't care if the MC starts off as the world's biggest douch-canoe, if by the end he/she's evolved in some redeemable way, then I'm a happy camper.  Character > plot.
  6. #TeamPrintedBook. Always.
    I see the benefits of e-books, I really do, but nothing is more frustrating to me than wanting to read your book only to find out that your device is dead and your charger is nowhere to be found.  Besides, an electronic device just doesn't smell as good as an actual book!
  7. I'm a very moody reader!
    Which is why it's pretty much impossible for me to put together any sort of reading schedule because I know that I won't stick to it.
  8. I am Barnes & Noble's bitch!
    I like, respect and support brick & mortar stores but B&N has a special place in my heart.  If they ever go out of business, I will be the saddest panda evar!  
  9. I'm a one-book [at a time] kind of gal!
    I've never been able to read more than one book at a time.
  10. I've never listened to an audio book.
    Not because I don't want to.  I'd like to try it.  Unfortunately, I haven't found one at my local library that I'd want to listen to.  Yet.
  11. Yes, I do judge a book by its cover.
    It's kind of hard not to, though.  I know I shouldn't but if a book has a fugly cover, there's a pretty fair chance that it's not going on my shelf.  (Wow, I really sounded like a snob right there! Oops! lol)
  12. Books are my favorite ice-breaker!
    If we find each other in the same aisle at a book store and I see you eye-balling a title that I read and liked, it is highly likely that I'll start up a conversation with you.  I've actually made quite a number of friends this way :)
  13. I love reading series but never read them back to back!
    No matter how much I love a series, I hardly ever read the books in a series back to back even if they are all out.  I like to space them out because it makes my time with those books last longer.  I'm afraid that if I finish them all too quickly that a) I won't absorb what happened in which book because it'll all mesh together and b) I won't have anything more to look forward to from that series.
  14. I can and will read anywhere!
    If I am really, really into a story, I will use every possible moment to read.  You'll catch me reading while waiting at the check-out line at Target, or while stopped at a red-light, I will take 15-minute "bathroom breaks" just so I can finish one more chapter, etc.
  15. Bood Nerd and PROUD!
    Being a book worm, a book collector and a book blogger is among what I am most proud of! I cannot imagine my life without books and all the amazing ways they've enriched me ♥ 
Coming up with these confessions was a lot of fun!
Stay tuned for the next 14 days :) 

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