Review: The Christmas Town

Title: The Christmas Town
Author: Elyse Douglas
Publication: 2013
Reviewed by: Stephanie
Rating: 3 stars
Reason for Reviewing: Ebook provided in exchange for an honest review
The Christmas Town, by Elyse Douglas, is a new time travel, mystery, romance novel that was released on October 11, 2013.

Traveling home for Christmas, two young women in their 20s are forced to drive together during a snowstorm, and they get lost. They cross a covered bridge and, suddenly, they enter the past, finding themselves in a small picturesque Vermont town in 1943. They meet two handsome soldiers, who are about to be sent off to war, and they fall in love with them, while also struggling to find a way to return home to their own time.

With the soldiers’ help, on Christmas Eve, the two women finally have one chance to return to their own time, but they are caught between their love for the soldiers, and their desire to return to the present. At the last moment, they must make the difficult decision and, because it is Christmas, a miracle happens.
This was such a cute holiday time travel romance. Although it was somewhat predictable, I did however enjoy the glimpse into an American’s life in 1943. The attention to detail from the clothes, to the shops, and even the way these characters thought and spoke really transported me into this time period. I kept thinking how the heck would I have dealt with rations and the love of my life going off to war? Such a tough thing to go through, but at the same time an important milestone for women because with the boys away they were able to step up to the late and do the men’s work. I liked that the author emphasized how important woman were at this time and how the world seemed to have changed because of it. This seemed like the perfect time for two strong willed working women from 2013 to travel back to 1943. Perfect or disastrous, lol.

These two strangers, Jackie and Megan, find themselves needing each other the most when they take a wrong turn into the past. Just imagine you are driving in the rental car with this woman you hardly know and find out you are stuck in the year 1943!! Eeep! I would pinch myself hard and really hope I was dreaming. Seriously, what the heck would you do? I suppose one could try to fit in as much as possible because it’s not like someone would really believe you. What a pickle that would be.

Jackie is a headstrong, sexy, logical woman who is focused on getting the job done. Being this way, she needed to tone it down for this new world she was in since most women didn’t act this way around these parts. Megan is a bubbly actress who loves the challenge of telling a good lie. Together these women are the Yin to the other’s Yang which helps them get out of a few difficult situations. Nothing brings a friendship together than going back in time to a small town where everyone thinks they are strange or mysterious. *wink*

Since this is a Contemporary Romance novel, it must have smoking hot men in it, right? The author gave us two handsome, strong soldiers. Jeff Grant is a black haired blue eyed hunk with a smile that will make you melt. *swoon* Danny Crawford, or Danny Boy, is a redhead, green eyed, broad shouldered stud with a shy side to him. *double swoon* These good ol’ boys were perfect gentlemen, going off to serve their country in a few days, and wanted to spend their limited time with Jackie and Megan. You can imagine how difficult this all can get when the ladies are desperate to find a way back to their own time and how falling in love might change things completely. Yet another pickle they have managed to get themselves in.

This was a fun read with a lot of great imagery about what the 1940’s would have been like and I enjoyed traveling alongside Jackie and Megan. I did find that, at parts, the story felt a bit dull with hardly any romance scenes. I found it a little disappointing being in the Contemporary Romance genre. Jackie and Megan were not my favorite characters, but I did enjoy the supporting characters a bit more like: Jeff, Danny Boy, and Aunt Betty. Perhaps it’s their small town charm that I found heartfelt and most interesting. This was my first time travel read so I’m not sure if this is indeed the genre for me. If you like to read Contemporary Holiday Time Travel books with less romance, but still a cute story with great imagery, then why don’t you give this book a try.

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