US vs. UK (Round 8)

It's been a while since we had our last US vs. UK showdown so we thought it's time to bring on Round 8!

This week, we're facing off the US versions of The Blue Bloods series by Melissa de la Cruz against their UK brethren.

Remember:  US (left) vs. UK (right)

Blue Bloods - Book # 1

Masquerade - Book # 2

Revelations - Book # 3

Van Alen Legacy - Book # 4

Misguided Angel - Book # 5

Overall, I like most of the UK covers more so I'm giving my point to the UK on this one.  I like their photography and title font. My favorite cover of all is the one for the first book.  I {heart} large pearls and to me this makes the cover appear so much more elegant!

However, I'm giving credit to the US on the cover for Misguided Angel!  I love how the wings give it such a delicate yet mysterious effect :) 

What say YOU...which series of covers do you like more?


  1. Overall, the UK covers. The definitely has a little more piazz in them. Like the lips are reder, and it seems like the uk covers look more realistic? IDK but theres something about them.

  2. They are SO similar that, to me, it is just really stupid that they are different for both locations. They might as well have been the same cover.

  3. I really like the UK covers more. It's so strange that the fourth book uses the same exact image, yet the UK one is much more appealing. The font really does make a difference.

  4. Hi girls!

    I agree with both of you! The covers are more similar to one another than most of the others we've seen. It does almost seem kinda pointless that they're not considered "the same".

    However, I agree with Savannah in that there's a certain quality to the UK ones that won me over. They do seem a bit more realistic, the quality of the photography I think is better and overall they're more elegant. Like I said, the only one that falls short for me is the one for Misguided Angel. That same image in the "UK" style would have looked great!!


  5. I like the picture of the city below the books on the US covers so I'm going to have to go with the US on this one. I love that the city on the bottom of the covers links them together. It's cool.

  6. This is a toughy for me...but I have to say the UK covers!

  7. I like the UK covers better. They seem to have a better angle for each model/concept.

  8. I like the UK covers best. I don't think the skyline at the bottom is really necessary. Though I agree the covers are both very similar, they are both good too.

  9. I'd have to say the UK on all but the last one.

  10. Definitely the UK covers. Usually I like the US covers better, but these compared to the UK ones were pretty 'meh'.

  11. I gotta go with the UK covers on all of these. I didn't even know about them but they are simply amazing!

    Thanks for hosting US v UK, or I'd be completely clueless! Well, at least more clueless than usual. ;)

  12. I think the UK covers are more feminine and delicate, but I really love the cityscapes included in the US covers.


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