The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

So the weekend before last {October 24th} was my 6th wedding anniversary.  This year, the hubbs & I decided to just go to Orlando for a quick getaway.

Friday night {10/22/10} we went to Halloween Horror Nights - 20 Years of Fear and then on Saturday, we spent the day at Islands of Adventure and I FINALLY got to visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Oh my gawd you guys, it was so very cool!  Universal did an incredible job replicating Hogsmead and Hogwart.  I was so impressed with their attention to detail and how they captured the feel of the books & movies.

I wanted to share a few pictures with you all :)

Welcome to Hogsmead - Orlando, FL, USA
{Uh yeah, it was just a bit crowded there!}

The snow covered roofs were so pretty! Too bad it's not real snow *shucks* 
{It was a brisk 85° degrees in FL in October!}

The entrance to Hogwarts - how cool is that?!
In line for the ride and we walked by The Sorting Hat.
{PS:  I'm not a rollercoaster kind of gal,but the ride inside of Hogwarts was badass!  It was a 3D coaster and you're flying through all kinds of Harry Potter awesomeness!}
My hubbs and I with one of the conductors of the Hogwarts Express!

{He was all chubby and English and adorable!}

Butterbeer Mustache! 
I got the frozen Butterbeer in the souvenir mug :) It's like a butterscotch slushy with a cream topping.  Totally yummy & uber-sweet!!
Bye bye Hogsmead - til we meet again!

Well guys, hope you enjoyed my snappy little photo tour of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.


  1. I am so completely jealous! It looks like it would be so much fun!

  2. Oh my gosh I can't wait to go it looks amazing!!! thanks for sharing and congrats on 6 years, 1 more and you have made the hump everything after this is going to be easy

  3. I love it!! Congrats on your wedding anniversary :) And what a cute Gryffindor Tshirt!

  4. OMG
    I can't wait to go.
    Maybe I'll go in January :)

    PS Happy Anniversary!

  5. PS I've always joked I'm SO not a Gryffindor. They were always SO brave. I think I'd be a Hufflepuff :)

  6. You're SO lucky! Glad you had fun and happy anniversary! (The pictures are great!) :)

  7. soooo cool! hope I can go some day =)))

  8. So lucky! I can't wait to go to that park myself. Might try to go when we take my niece to Disney World, but that's at least another 2-3 years I think. Pushing for 2!

  9. Isalys, you and your hubs are so HOT! JS.

    Great pictures and happy anniversary! I'm glad you had a fun trip!


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