Discussion: Email killed my handwriting!

Today, I thought I'd share some of the randomness in my head and one such randomness is "email killed my handwriting!"  {BTW, I'm totally humming "video killed the radio star" as I type this, lol}

I used to have such pretty handwriting, once upon a time.  I could do print, all capital for emphasis and even write a decent cursive.  Now my handwriting has been reduced to that of a 7-year old!

It's funny because Vanessa and I have these playful little arguments about whose handwriting is better.  She'd say, "I love your handwriting!" and I'd reply with "You're high...I love yours!" and we would banter back & forth about who actually has the better handwriting.  I still say she has the better one =P

And I blame YOU, Mr. Electronic Mail.  Yes, you conspired with Mr. World Wide Web to make it so damn convenient to communicate electronically that the only time I actually need to write anything is when I have to sign a check...and even that happens once in a blue moon!  I feel like working off the blasted computer for 12-hours a day is slowly killing my hand muscles so that I can barely hold a pen anymore, let alone actually write nicely!  

I hate this...I really, really do!  I used to pride myself on my pretty handwriting.  Now whenever I do write something, I sit back and marvel at how lazy and uneven it looks.  I'm tempted to sign up for interior design classes because they actually teach you how to write.  {Did you guys know that?  If you're an ID major, there are classes where they actually teach you how to do the special handwriting used by designers for their drawings & specs.  And that is your useless tidbit of the day!}

Seriously guys, am I the only one who has noticed her handwriting slowly deteriorating thanks to the excessive amount of typing we do?


  1. I noticed how much my handwriting had deteriorated when I had to ship books out and started labeling packages (free hand). I guess we are just using DIFFERENT finger muscles when we type. The old "hold the pencil" muscles went on a long vacation.

  2. you know what I never thought about it like that I've been wondering why my once beautiful handwriting looks like something out of a doctors office. At least when I was in school my handwriting was still excellent but now it has deteriorated dramatically.

  3. My handwriting has always been pretty bad. But this made me think because I am reading Matched by Ally Condie right now and they don't even know how to write - it's a lost art form! I think that would be sad.

  4. I feel ya sista.

    Well, my penmanship has always been bad, but at least it used to be legible. Now, chickens are calling my handwriting Missie scratch.

    Not cool.


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