Favorite Bookish Someecards

For funsies today, we wanted to share with you some of our favorite bookish someecards...because they're hilarious and speak the truth

Food-schmood!  We have a real situation in here *points to book*

You fellow bookwormy office employees, don't you even try to deny doing this too!  We all have a perfectly good excuse for taking 20 minute bathroom breaks!

It's all about PRIORITIES!

This happens...often!

Ok, really?  A book in my face also serves as a Do Not Disturb sign...disturb at your own risk!

Because real friends know that our books are our babies and should be treated thus!

Not if we can help it!

Omg, this is the story of Isalys' life.  This actually happened one night! *facepalm*

And we have so very many of them!

And we're finishing up with one our very favorites!

Hope you all had a good chuckle! Have a super day!


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