I'm baaaack :)

Hiya kiddos!!

I'm back from my anniversary trip to the UK. Phil (the hubby) and I had a wonderful time!! We got to see some incredible places and meet really nice people from all over the world. Being the history buff that I am, I was in awe at some of the areas of London, Dublin and especially Edinburgh. It's almost as if time stood still!

It's funny, I've dreamed of going to England for such a longggg time (and if anyone knows me, they know that I've been obsessed since I was 11) and the day we arrived, I couldn't seem to grasp how 'real' this place was. It existed in my mind for so long that to walk its streets seemed surreal!

I wanted to share a few pictures with you, but this is only a sampling though because by the end of the trip, we had 860 pics!! (You can click on the images to enlarge.)


Arriving at Hampton Court Palace. I don't know if you can tell, but I was teary eyed. This was a really big deal for me and I got all emotional!

1) Tower of London 2) Big Ben 3) Tower Bridge


1) Night time Dublin pubs 2) At a our first Irish pub 3) Dublin Castle

1) Factory tour of Guiness 2) Enjoying my free beer! (Note: Guiness tastes a heck of a lot better there than here!)


1) Rockin' the Scottish plaid 2) Edinburgh Castle (amazing!) 3) Formal Scottish dinner (and yes, we tried the haggis!)

1) The Carlton Hotel proudly displaying the Scottish flag
2) The Floors Castle, still inhabited by the 9th Duke of Roxburgh

Just a quick recap of our total visit:
England: London, Stonehenge, Salisbury, Bath, York, Stratford-Upon-Avon
Wales: Newport, Cardiff
Ireland: Waterford, Kilkenny, Kildare, Dublin
Scotland: Highlands & Lowlands, Edinburgh
(We drove A LOT...we actually covered 1,241 miles in 11 days! Yowza)

Well guys, I hope you all enjoyed walking down memory lane with me. I miss it there already!


  1. I am so jealous... but jealous in a good way. This would, of course, be a dream vacation for me as well. I got all teary eyed looking at you all teary eyed. I'm sure it was emotional. Very cool. You and Feely look adorable. :D

  2. I'm so glad you had such a fantastic time! Seeing a place that you've read about so many times, where all your favorite historical figures walked, for the first time is definitely awe-inspiring.

    Meghan @ Medieval Bookworm

  3. Darn you, you made me pull out my old vacation photos! I'm so jealous! But glad you had an amazing time. The sites are so breathtaking.. I can't wait to go back!!

    Glad to have you back,
    Morning Glow

  4. So happy your back, and it sounds like you had a WONDERFUL time! Your pics are great! :0)

  5. Yay my friend! LOVE your pics!! Can't wait to see all 860 of them later!!

    ♥ya lots!!!

  6. Glad you had fun! Would love to take a trip like that myself. Thanks for sharing the pics!

  7. FABulous photos! I love them!
    Thank you so much for sending me the link :)

  8. That interview was actually done during the holidays and we're hoping to go this year *fingers crossed* Your photos have me ready to book my trip!

    Any advice on finding cool places to stay?


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