UPDATE: Wicked Wednesday Winners!! *Yay!*

Here are all the winners to the awesome giveaways!
**Drum roll please**

The Hispanic Heritage Mega Bundle Winners are.....1. Mindful Musings (Have Addy)
2. BookJunkee *(Need Addy)*
3. HoldenJ (Have Addy)
4. DrBethNolan (Have Addy)
Sarah - Saemmerson *(Need Addy)*

Beat the Reaper Winners:
1. Donna S. (Have Addy)
2. Crystal P (CrystalMariePorter) (Have Addy)
Mary Ann DeBorde (Have Addy)
4. Carol (Mittens) (Have Addy)
MartheE (Have Addy)

Girl on Top Winners:
1. Marian (Have Addy)
2. Jumpin Beans (noelle) (Have Addy)
3. Nancye Davis (Have Addy)
4. Debbie Walker (Have Addy)
5. Angela (Flower Child) - *(Need Addy)*

The Smart One/Pretty One Winners:
1. Venus (etirv) (Have Addy) ***NEW WINNER***
2. Nely (Have Addy)
Celticladysramblings (Have Addy)
4. AngelaJasmiine (Have Addy)
DarcyO (Have Addy)

The Historian Winners:

1. Simply Stacie (Have Addy)
2. The_Book_Queen (Have Addy)
3. I Heart Book Gossip *(Need Addy)*
4. Andrea (Andiev107) - *(Need Addy)*
5. Dina (Aitmama) - (Have Addy)

All winners were chosen using random.org and all extra points earned were included. Everyone will be contacted via email and we look forward to your reply with your name & mailing address (no PO Boxes please). Your prize will be shipping directly from the Publisher's office.
If for any reason, you do not receive our email and you see that you have won, then please feel free to just email us your contact info.

Addy's We Need: (only 4 more!)
BookJunkee *(Need Addy)*
Angela (Flower Child) - *(Have Addy)*
I Heart Book Gossip *(Need Addy)*
Sarah - Saemmerson *(Need Addy)*

♥♥ Update ♥♥
Thanks to the wonderful world of Google Docs, we already had the majority of the addresses we needed for the winners! The addy's we had on hand are already sent to the publishers! Woot woot!! Please check to see if you're one of the ones we're missing and please email us with your info.


  1. **jumping up and down and shouting** I won! I won!

    Yay me!

  2. Thanks so much! I've been eagerly awaiting this announcement with fingers crossed. I've already won The Smart One and the Pretty One though, so please draw another winner...

  3. THANK YOU! I have been wanting this book! Great!

  4. I hope you got my email that I already won the Hispanic Giveaway.
    I am sure someone else will just
    love winning this giveaway.
    Thank you for hosting such great
    giveaways. Marjorie

    cenya2 at hotmail dot com

  5. Mary D
    zenrei57 (at) hotmail (dot) com

    YAY :) HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY !!! Thank you bunches, congrats to all the winners! (do ya need my addy or snail mail address??)


  6. I won! It's good to have news like that halfway through midterms. :)

    Thank you for this giveaway, and congrats to the other winners!


  7. I got the book today - never even knew I won, such a great surprise! I've been eyeing The Historian for months!! Thank you!

  8. *Blushes* I'm horrible... I completely forgot about checking your blog lately, I didn't even know I had won The Historian until it arrived on my doorstep today! At first I was going "Where did this come from...?" and then I remembered-- I entered your contest here a while ago, and forgot to check back!


    Thanks for the awesome contest, girls! Keep up the amazing work with your blog. :D



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