Thursday's Thoughts 10.15.09 ...The Scottish Experience

This week we chose to do our Thursday quiz on...

because we are hosting the blog tour for "A Highlander's Temptation" which takes place in 14th century Scotland and also because Isalys' will be visiting this beautiful land in about a week & a half :)

The Scottish Experience

1. What is Scotland's capital? (Another easy one :)

2. What is Scotland's longest river?

3. What is the largest fresh water lake in Scotland?

4. One of the oldest universities in existence was founded in 1411. Which one?

5. Which clans were involved in the infamous "Massacre of Glencoe"?

• All answers must be submitted via EMAIL only to
TWERD413 [at] gmail [dot] com.
Simply post a comment saying that your answers have been sent.
• Each question is worth 2 extra point for a potential maximum of 10 points.
• Each point is redeemable for an extra entry in the giveaways
(that's up to 10 extra entries)
Everyone has until 10.28.09 to submit their answers for this quiz.

NOTE: Answers submitted to this quiz will be applied to entries for Wicked Wednesday Giveaway 10.14.09!


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