iHeart Thursday 3.4.10

Vanessa's iHeart


Let me explain ... there are MANY reasons why, but the main reason for writing it on this post is because, as you know, my iHeart for last week was an AMAZING necklace I found over on Etsy created by the uber talented Michelle of RecycledRings. Well, my amazing mom saw my post, contacted Michelle, and actually bought me the necklace!!!!!!! She's so cute, she bought it for my birthday (April 13) but couldn't wait so she gave it to me tonight!! Right on time for my iHeart Thursday, lol.

I took pictures of it in the box so you all can see how cute Michelle put it together, pink paper and all! She also put the necklace in a super cute black and white box and wrote a note to my mother. Don't you just love personal touches like that?!

Isn't my mommy the bestest ever?!

Michelle's Blog
Recycled Rings Site
Michelle's Etsy

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Isalys's iHeart

So Wednesday has become one of my very favorite days of the week. Why?
Because it's our Wicked Wednesday Night Ritual {this is actually how we got the name for our post}. It is the night when I get together with my book soulmate and a few other friends, go to Barnes & Noble until they kick us out and chat it up about books and more over our favorite Starbucks beverage {which happens to be Venti Iced Black Tea with 7 pumps of Classic, now that's a mouthful! haha}

I love this picture because it is about our Wednesdays!

A pile of books and my Starbucks tea *I love it*

PS: If I can digress for just a moment, this morning I opened up blogger to work on my half of this post and noticed that Vanessa had started it with her iHeart for this week. I read it and thought it is soooo AWESOME that her momma got her that necklace as an early birthday present. Her mom really is the sweetest thing ever! Yayyy :)

Have a great day folks!!


  1. OHHHHHHHHH How cute Vanessa your mom is awesome and girls I really need to go to your Wicked Wednesday meeting at Starbucks I will let you know soon when I'm going to go =)

  2. Cynthia: Yes! You really need to come on Wednesdays! And for our next Author Event :)

    Juju: **High Five! I like!**

    Isa: I ♥ Wed. nights too! They're so special to the few of us that go. **Sigh** Why can't everyday be Wednesday?

  3. Ahh, your mom does rock! And the best thing is, you'll always remember how special it was!

  4. YOU GOT THE NECKLACE?!? OMG, please wear it the next time we get together. It looks amazing.

    That picture really does describe Wednesday's. Love it.


  5. Your mom is so sweet, Vanessa.

  6. Awww, that is such a loving, MOM thing to do! So sweet :)

  7. awesome job to your mama!
    Very pretty


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