Twilight's Eclipse Movie Trailer

Finally, the long awaited and highly anticipated movie trailer for Eclipse is here =D

**How exciting!!!**

What I {Isalys} am pretty bummed about is that Rachelle Lefevre won't be back to reprise the role of Victoria. Do you any of you know why? I really think she was just perfect as Victoria and this next actress, Bryce Dallas Howard is going to have some rather big shoes to fill.

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Either way, we're still uber excited and counting down until June 30!


  1. If I remember correctly, Rachelle was offered a role in a movie she wanted to do and Summit or whoever didn't want to make accomodations so she could do both.

  2. Thanks Zia...I was wondering what had happened!

    I agree with you Juju! I'm not familiar with Bryce so she may do a good job, but I really think Lefevre brought Victoria to life so I'm really disappointed that Summit was so unaccommodating =(

    Oh well...too late now, let's hope Bryce does a good job! lol


  3. My readers have been updating me on all the Rachel/Bryce gossip from the past few months...while I was living under a rock apparently.

    Rachel was PISSED and cried foul when Summit recast her. They went back on their word saying at first that they could accomodate her schedule and then she read in the trades that she had been replaced.

    I've never seen Bryce Howard in anything...but her dad's Opie, so he's a god in that town.

  4. I'm sure if it would have been Rob or Kristen they would have been VERY accomodating...

    Dammit, now thanks to Alison I have the damn whistling theme song (to the show Opie was in) stuck in my head! Wonderful! LMAO! :D


  5. OMG I can't wait for this movie to come out!!!!!!!!!!! I don't like the the look of the New Victoria but hopefully her acting will be good for the part


  6. Vanessa,

    Sorry about the theme song. Allow me to help...

    Sunday, Monday, Happy days.

    Tuesday, Wednesday, Happy Days.


  7. @Allison: No you didn't! LOL! Wonderful.. Now I'll be skipping down the hall at work doing the hand jive ... jeez. LOL :D


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