Pitch Dark: Dark Days 2012

Last Friday, 3/9/12 was the Miami stop for the Dark Days 2012 Book Tour. Claudia Gray (Balthazar), Dan Wells (Partials), and Lauren Oliver (Delirium & Pandemonium) were all at Books & Books in Coral Gables, FL chatting with us, answering questions, signing LOTS of books, taking pics and just being their awesome selves!

I got to meet them all and hang out with some of my favorite book-loving chicas!


The very cool Dark Days Trio being introduced.

The funny and animated Claudia Gray telling us about why vampires on the Titanic wouldn't work.

Dan Wells tell us about why "science is awesome!" and why his expertise in hand lotion and shampoo makes him a good science fiction writer.

Lauren Oliver the allure of writing about love and death and why she still believes in love...sort of! lol

Fielding questions from the audience :)

Me and Dan Wells

 Mom getting her copy of Delirum signed by Lauren Oliver!
Yep, my mom is COOL like dat!

Me and Lauren Oliver
BTW, Lauren's message to me inside of Pandemonium reads, "To Isalys- Please don't hate me for the end - - "    Uh, Lauren...this concerns me!!

Group photo courtesy of JJ...cuz it was on her phone ;)
Some of the chica bloggers of South Florida:
J.J. from JJ iReads, Jen from Not Now...I'm Reading, me and
Nely from All About {n}.
Vanessa, Smash, Yani and Yami couldn't be there in person but where there in spirit, lol.


  1. You lucky ducks you...thanks for sharing. Wish I was there.

  2. Looks like you had a fantastic time!! Thanks for the great pics!! Oh, and your mom is so cute btw!!

  3. Um... NEXT time you go to something like this.. TELL ME! I'll send you $$ and you can get me signed copies too!!!!



  4. I was totally there in spirit!! ♥♥♥

  5. I LOVE the pic of your mom with Lauren Oliver, and yes she is cool like that. Don't tell Dan Wells but when he kept saying that science is awesome and whatnot I kept imagining Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad saying "Yo Mr. White. Yeah Science!" 0_0


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