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Praise for. . .
The Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning

"Freaking fabulous! So utterly wonderful that you really must read this series, if you're not already." ~Literary Escapism

"This book is absolutely riveting. By far, the most fascinating book I've read this year." ~Penelope's Romance Reviews

"This series should come with a warning on it because it's addictive as an illegal drug and will take over your life until the next book is finished." ~Book Chick City

"Brutal, deep and leaving us with heaps and heaps of questions, Dreamfever is an undeniably great urban fantasy." ~Vampire Book Club

"Epic is the first word that came to mind after I read the words "The End" and closed the book on what was an amazing journey. I don't think I've ever read a more satisfying final book in a series. I can't even count how many times I was taken by surprise, shocked, blindsided, and thrilled. I was left emotionally spent and completely happy with the many unexpected paths this story took." ~Fiction Vixen Book Reviews

"A simple review can never adequately describe Shadowfever, words on a page being spectacularly poor substitutes for the strength of feeling and broad emotional spectrum captured between its covers. Ms. Moning is more than a storyteller, her characters far more tangible than fictional beings could ever be thought to be, and she has created a world of infinite complexity that openly challenges us, dares us to experience it and remain only a passive observer, and then yanks us in with a shocking brute strength as it subjects us to the sharpest of pains sparsely interspersed with the warmest of joys. Enter into this final piece of the puzzle with a first-aid kit at the ready, as Ms. Moning is a master at inflicting wounds designed to injure but not kill, and she subjects both her characters and us to numerous events that leave indelible marks on the soft flesh of our hearts. Despite the pain, we revel in the emotional injuries, honored to be privy to a book capable of having such a remarkable effect." ~Supernatural Snark

"Shadowfever did not end the Fever series world with a whimper. It definitely was a bang. A big, wet and full-filling bang. Take that how ever you feel is necessary." ~Parajunkee's View

"Shadowfever surpassed every expectation I had. For as many theories I have discussed, I was completely shocked at most of the outcomes. There was not a single aspect I was disappointed in. My favorite part is that Barrons and Mac stay so true to their characters. Barrons doesn’t change, or yield to Mac. And I think KMM does an excellent job with keeping him so consistent. He stays broody, and possessive, and mysterious. An excellent end to my favorite series. This book gets an A++++++ from me. Thank you Karen Marie Moning for this extraordinary series." ~Smexy Books

"I was in shock as how perfectly Karen was able to write this. She is an absolute genius." ~Yummy Men & Kick Ass Chicks

"This book is everything that I expected, wanted, needed, craved...and so much more." ~Candace's Book Blog

 "Ms. Moning, much like Mac, takes her story and runs with it, balls to the wall, 550 pages of uncompromising and satisfying conclusion." ~Fresh Fiction
...and more!

Ladies, you all ROCK something fierce and congrats on getting printed inside one of the best books evah!!


  1. WOO HOO!!!!! I almost died when I saw I got blurbed in this book. It's like Barron's love for me was so strong he wanted my words forever printed close to him, so he exerted his impressive influence and made the publisher use my quote ;-) I LOVE YOU BARRONS!

  2. XOXO - thanks for the quotasticness. Big wet and sloppy as it is.

  3. AHH! My girl Candace is in Shadowfever!! She LOVES this series!! :)

  4. NICE! I love seeing my gals Jenny Snark and Penny on this list!

  5. Thank you so much for this post! I had no idea! I would have seen it tonight on here in my email since I subscribe but I'm so glad Angela let me know! Totally made my day!!! I have the hardcover but I'm off to buy the paperback now!

  6. awesomeness and I know many of you :)

  7. Ohh that's so awesome. Congrats guys! What an honor to be in one of the best books..eva! :)

    ♥ Sarah @ I'm Loving Books

  8. Congrats! Just think, you're in in between the same sheets as JZB. LOL

  9. Oh wow! This is so cool! Hmm...maybe for my next book I'll include some snippets from reviews like this. It's a brilliant idea!


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