For Saved by the Bell Fans!

Enjoy :)

Mark Paul Gosselar goes on Jimmy Fallon and reprises the role of Zack's too funny! I thought it'd be a fun post to share w/ the "Saved By The Bell" fans out there!


  1. Hello, Vanessa,

    That's a shame, I can't watch the vid since I am living in the UK.

    Today is WHAT'S ON YOUR DESK WEDNESDAY? on my blog. And you've been tagged. I hope you can join in with the fun. Please don’t feel any pressure to have to do this. I’m choosing friends who comment, blog followers and book bloggers who appear to like doing book blog memes. ☺

    Sassy's What's on your desk Wednesday?

    Take care,


  2. I can't hear it (deaf) but did watch it. I hope they do a re-run of this one with the captions for me. I didn't watch alot of the show but could see so much in his body language of what I remember. My children loved that show then too!


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