Thursday's Thoughts 6.4.09...Earn extra giveaway points

We've decided to make some changes to "Thursday's Thoughts". Rather than doing the "whats your opinion?" type question, we're going to give you guys some fun quizzes. We're also going to give you the opportunity to earn extra points to every giveaway that you're entered in.

Today's quiz is about

Twilight Pictures, Images and Photos

The name of a Twilight character is HIDDEN in each sentence. Name that character!

1) She rang the church bell after she saw the sparkling vampire running at her, full speed.
2) This vampire loves the smell of roses.
3) When the werewolf family went to Karaj, a cob of corn was sitting on the border.

4) This vampire was admitted to the Padded Ward in the psych unit.

5) Al, ice is very cold; but so are vampires!

All answers must be submitted via EMAIL only to
Simply post a comment saying that your answers have been sent.
• Each question is worth 2 points for a potential maximum of 10 points.
• Each point is redeemable for an extra entry in the giveaways (that's up to 10 extra entries :)
Everyone has until Wednesday 6.10.09 to submit their answers to this quiz.

NOTE: Answers submitted to this quiz will be applied to entries for
Wicked Wednesday's 6.3.09 Giveaway

Have Fun!!


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  4. Just sent my answers.

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  5. Just sent my answers


  6. Keep up the good work up those points =)

  7. I just sent mine; number 2 was hard-LOL!

  8. thanks so much! i just sent my email - this was fun!

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