Manic Monday...Cirque Du Freak

We have another book-to-film announcement :)

About the Book
Cirque Du Freak, The Vampires Assistant
by Darren Shan

Book Synopsis:
What if you were an unwilling vampire? You needed to drink human blood to stay alive, but you weren't some horror-flick villain; you were
you, born human--a nice person, even. Thus is the dilemma of the young narrator-protagonist, Darren Shan, in this tremendously suspenseful, oft-sickening sequel to Cirque Du Freak: The Saga of Darren Shan.

In the first book, Darren becomes a vampire's assistant to save the life of his friend Steve. In order to do so, he has to fake his death, get buried alive, and head out--half-human, homeless, and friendless--into the world.
The Vampire's Assistant chronicles his new lonely life as a half-vampire, pumped with the cursed blood of his vampire guardian, Mr. Crepsley. Darren has much to learn about his freshly supernatural state. He doesn't grow fangs, for instance, like he thought he might. And he can't change shape or fly. Garlic just gives vampires bad breath... And they eat bagels. Some of the hardest lessons of all come when he joins the traveling freak show Cirque Du Freak, the show that got him and Steve in trouble in the first place.

Readers won't be disappointed by this fast-paced, gory, but strangely amiable sequel. In fact, the plot is much better paced than the first and the dialogue far more natural. Deadly pythons, a snake boy, Cormac Limbs (bite off his finger and it grows back!), and an entire cast of dreadfully creepy characters offer excitement beyond expectation. Along the way, we come to really like Darren, who will do absolutely anything for a friend. British author Darren Shan promises more adventures in 2002. (Ages 10 and older)

--Karin Snelson

The Movie

Directed by Paul Weitz

In theaters October 23, 2009

The book is targeted for a younger audience. We've heard good things about it, although we've been reluctant to read it because it is for 10+ old readers. However, Isalys caught a preview at the movies this past weekend and the movie definitely looks promising with a cast that features some pretty big names :)

Official Movie Trailer

Has anyone read the books? If so, would you recommend them to someone much older than 10 (lol)? What do you guys think of the movie?


  1. Wow, books and movies about vampires are all over the place recently, huh? I'm normally not big on the subject, but Weitz directed About a Boy and In Good Company--both of which I loved--so I may have to go see it anyway. :^)

  2. Hi guys! Cool book and movie! They sound very interesting I will have to check these out as I'm a vamp lover lol.

    And I wanted to let you have a blog award over at my place!

    :) Congrats! you both deserve it you have a wonderful blog and I so enjoy visting! :)


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