New - New Moon Pics!

We found some Yummy new NEW Moon pics!
Aren't they awesome?!
This movie really does look like it's going to be great!

What do you guys think?
Sinister Hot? Or Totally Not?


  1. OMG they look the parts I LOVE it so Awesome NEW MOON is going to rock!!!!!!!!

  2. These pics look fantastic! I have book in to see a midnight showing of this movie with friends! Can't wait!

  3. Loving the pics. Can only hope the movie will live up to the hype. New Moon was my favorite of the books!

  4. To SomedayAuthor: Wow! You are the FIRST person I hear say that! That's awesome! lol

  5. Alaine: We're doing the same thing! We did it last year too so I think it's becoming a tradition! LOL. We soooo cannot wait!

    Cindy: They DO look the parts huh? How cool!

    Eleni: We LOVE the creepiness too!

    **Jumps up and down like a dork** lol

  6. Vanessa, we went to see Twilight 5 times at the movies and they are showing it before New Moon at 9.30pm. Can't wait, we are all really excited. Thinking about reading the book again before we go.


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