Blogger Group Chat: INHALE by Kendall Grey

**So we know this post is ridiculously long, but it's so worth the 10 minutes it'll take to read it :)**

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Special Guest: Author, Kendall Grey

*ahem* So today we have a special guest joining, Kendall Grey :) Woot!!

So I hear there’s lots of hot and smexy sex among the gallons and gallons of water! Dude, like some super hot sex!! I wants me some Gavin!! (Possibly a side of Sinnder too *wink*)  Oohlala. Smexy Sex? Oh WIN! Heck yea!

OK. I’m only 55% through with the book, but it’s hella good. I just got a good whiff of Sinnder and I am wicked excited for more of him. There will be more of him, right? *glare of doom* ←- Duuude Smash don’t mess around when she starts the *glaring*! I  do glare with the best of ‘em. Right? Master Intimidator of Awesome!

Sinnder? Oh, hell yes, there will be tons more of his fine self. :-) He’s in all three books in the JUST BREATHE trilogy, and, well...I’d better not say any more. *Evil grin*  This makes me super happy! I mean I love Gavin, but Sinnder is pretty freaking yummy too!! I hope we get some hot sex scenes with him in them. ;) No sex for Sinnder in these books. :-) ← This makes me sad. :( Oh hell naw! LIES! …. Right? *taps foot and waits for better answer* I said “In THESE books.” #ThatIsAll :-) Oh fiiiiine...

Actually, I take it back. There’s something implied in EXHALE, but you don’t see any action with Sinnder. So, are you implying there are OTHER books? Possibly where Sinnder is main dude? Because, you know, that would fucking ROCK. ←-- Yes!! So agree with Ash!! This would totally rock! You can take my statement any way you want. ;-) Dammit...I will keep the hope alive in my heart!

That scene with Sinnder and Scarlet in the kitchen. Sizzle, baby! O.o Now this sounds... hot. She irks the shit out of me, but she can turn up the heat. lol. Kitchen smex?? YUM! Well, it didn’t go there. Sinnder turns that crazysauce ho down, but she brings out the heat in any scene she’s in. Homegirl is made of fi-ya! Ha, get it? Cuz she’s a Fyre! (I’m lame, lol) Youz cutie patootie, Isa! *blushes*

Oh, where Scarlet was trying to catch his attention with her miniskirt? YES. Such a good scene. Dude he so shot the psycho bitch down though!  Scarlet is one of my faves and most hated characters. She gets worse as the series progresses. I’m not liking her much here at the end of JUST BREATHE. I guess that’s a good thing! So she’s going to be my fav then??? BAHAHA! Yes, you will adore her! ;-) EFFING WIN!

Scarlet needs a fuggin’ beat down...she’s standing in between me, Sinnder AND Gavin and we just can’t have that! Wait... Is Scarlett the main character???? Do we not like her??? No, Zoe is the main character and I love her!! Scarlet is the crazy psycho who wants Gavin. Though it sounds like they had some good, hot, fiesty sex that would be awesome to read about!  Poor Ash is all WTF?!  lol ← So Scarlett shall be my fav? Got it. LOL. She TOTALLY would be your fav!  Pretty much, LOL!  
Quickie:  Ok, so Zoe is the main character and we love her.  Gavin is our hero and he’s made of awesome.  He’s like a hunksicle that’s all gooey nougat in the center.  Scarlet is the big bad bitch and Sinnder is our tattooed mystery man! ←- Perfect quickie!! Mmm, hunksicle with a goey nougat center...*licks lips*  
Yea, can we get a short story or a prologue of some Gavin/Scarlet action? lol Dude, I actually wrote a disgustingly saucy hot scene of the two of them when he figured out Scarlet was a Fyre Elemental. I will NEVER publish it - way too racy for human beings, but I needed to write it so I could put myself in her effed up head. OMG. Cruel, you are! It has all the stuff a good girl writer like me isn’t even supposed to think about, let alone write and share with others. My editor would KILL me. She already made me chop up a scene from EXHALE with Scarlet. It was way too graphic for my established audience. She was right, but I hated doing it. :-( That sounds like it’s got to be freaking epic!!  Um, send her over to THIS post when it goes up and let her get a clue to who your established peeps are. :D Ha. I kid, of course. Kinda. I get it. *snort*

Ha! Well, the scene is still there, just toned down a HELL of a lot from the original draft. *Boo hoo* I’m sure you’ll recognize it when/if you read it. Leaves quite a lasting impression. I read the unedited one to my husband, and he was like, “Whoa.” HAHAHAHA! And this brings up a wicked question I have: Do you use him for ideas? *wink wink* LOL. Just kidding (I lie)...moving on to Zoe! Bro, you so just read my mind, LOL!  We’re so bad! And nosy. BAHA!  Oh, all the time! He gets quite a work-out. I enjoy using him like the tool he is. HAHAHA!  Men complain about us ladies reading and/or writing romance but they’re all full of shit because they totally get hooked up. ←- This!! That is all! ;)  They don’t realize it’s the books though. Books are lady porn! Holla! Totally!

OK. I solemnly swear to quit talking about sex. *pinkie swear* Okay, I’m leaving then. See y’all later. HAHA!  LMAO!! Not likely we are a bunch of rabid chicks!!! Quit talking SEX? Who are you and what have you done with my Smash???? LMAO. Chic, you know I cross my fingers behind my back... Of course!

So, I enjoy Zoe’s voice in this book. She is a strong, confident woman who shows vulnerability and comes off as so realistic to me. Like she’s my neighbor, which would be cool because I would totally hit up the high seas with her! I really like Zoe too. She is bad ass, but also has her insecurities. She doesn’t let them stop her from doing what she wants though. She seems like a chick I would definitely want to hang out with!! Me too!!  I am REALLY into character development and whiny heroines piss me off.  I like them to have vulnerabilities but I don’t want them to be push-overs! Zoe was a great balance of both!  I love badass characters dude!!! I HATE chicks who roll over and play dead! It EFFING kills me! Yes Ash, me too! I hate whiny ass ones too. I love a bad bitch. =)  Aww, thanks, girls. I adore Zoe for all the same reasons. She’s smart, but not in conventional ways, and she’s been through a lot with her...background (SPOILER. I won’t go there).

I can’t even tell you how agonizing it is when Lily is brought up, and I don’t even know the whole damn story yet. I can feel her trauma, taste her fear and disappointment. It’s ridiculously upsetting! Markers of quality writing right there...when you can feel what the character feels! I absolutely love Lily. Getting to the part of the story where we get to know Lily is great. You will really love it!! I do know what you mean though. The feeling really came through in this book. Lily, ah I love her. She’s actually based on a real whale I know named Fulcrum. Fulcrum was hit by a boat and her dorsal fin is all chopped up. She’s kinda small for a whale. She showed up in Gloucester where I whale watch every summer with a calf a couple of years ago, and the baby was REALLY tiny. They didn’t think he would make it. BUT...the next year, he showed up again, happy and healthy. So inspiring! Fulcrum faced all these dangers and overcame her terrible circumstances to successfully rear a healthy calf. That’s kinda how I look at Lily. :-)  That’s a great story and it’s really incredibly cool how it inspired you to create the character, Lily! Awww, I am so touched. I lurve cetaceans. And Wow, I spelled that right! WIN! That is such an awesome story!! I love how you are so inspired and that you are donating the profits of these books to such a great cause!! You so rock!! It’s just my passion. There was never any thought like, “Wow, I’ll keep this money (what little there might be) and buy a bag of effing nuts.” No, the whales were always first on my agenda. Helping them is my deepest passion, and writing is a means to do it. :-) I adore you hardcore for this! That just makes me totally love you even more!! I told my husband about you donating the money and he was all like “say what?!” but I told him that it was admirable and a testament to your passion and lack of greed.  ROCK ON WIT YO BADSELF! Aww, thanks!

Okay, enough with the sad shit. Let’s talk about ADRIENE...
We have another awesome BFF in this story which I totes love :)  
I really like Adriene. She is a super awesome best friend and I think that the interactions between her and Zoe are great! You can feel the besties vibe when you read them together. Yep, I yub her! :-) She played a much more active role in the original version, and I hate that I had to cut a lot of her out of this one, but I think she’s a great foil for Zoe and definitely gives the support she needs. So, what I’ve seen so far of Adreine is pretty incredible. She is steadfast, dependable and loyal to Zoe.
So is Adriene the zombie??? LMAO!! Haha *gasp* a book with no zombies! Say what?!! I mean there must be one somewhere...*choked on coffee* ASHLEY! You are freaking nuts! The Zombie Queen is here, what can you expect? Right?  Bwahahha. LMAO. Oh man, I scared my cats with that laugh...and Isa knows my laugh... HA!!!!  No, I think Randy is the zombie in this story. HAHAHA! What a dickhead, no?  Ughh I couldn’t stand him. He’s a total friggin tool!! I wanted to just smack his smug egotistical face!! I just met the toad and he is the pits. What’s wrong with him?? Is he just a dick???  He’s a cheating cocky bastard who thinks he’s all that!! He is SUCH a cocky fucker. (A cocky fucker... I mean, maybe it’s just me.. but a “cocky fucker” sounds... fun ;) Good grief, I wanted to punch him in the forehead.  Zoe held her own though...she strapped on her womancock and showed him who’s boss :D <-- HELL YES! THE WOMANCOCK MAKES AN APPEARANCE! That is all. You so rock my face off!!!

What the hell did Zoe ever see in that asshole? I have no idea. Tell me you had someone specific in mind while writing Randy and enjoyed every epic second of kicking his ass (he does get it kicked, right? *glare of doom*) I sorta had someone in mind, but I can’t say who. I never actually met the guy, but I got a pretty good idea what he was like. Unfortunately, he doesn’t get his ass kicked. Yet. :-) I would love to see him get his ass kicked...preferably by Zoe! She’ll give it to him straight up the ass O.o. Not physically, of course ← oh, ok.. hehe, but the mindfuck is a wonderful thing. Ha! Okay, not really a mindfuck, but she gets him back in the end. ;-) Oh yes. a mindfuckery is to come. Those are my FAVS! Doooo eeeeeet. Hehe... So, who’s giving who, what in the ass??? WIN.

Good to know!! So when is EXHALE due to come out?  With the way INHALE ended...i’m like foaming at the mouth of EXHALE. Tentatively scheduled for June 5. We’ll see how that plays out.

OH! I meant to tell Ashley that Claudia from sends you cyber hugs and kisses. She finished my JUST BREATHE cover today, and it FREAKING ROCKS! OMG!! Claudia ROCKS my freaking FACE off! When are you doing the reveal??? You know I do promo designs EXCLUSIVELY for her right? *shameless plug* ;) Yay, did you guys find ze perfect artwork for the cover? Indeed we did. I hired Teresa Yeh to do a photoshoot, and Claudia grabbed a cool background and shizz...voila! Cover! Claudia has such amazing work!! I can’t wait to see it!! I am so in for the cover reveal!!  I love Claudia’s covers. They are amazing!!

Reveal for JUST BREATHE cover is tentatively scheduled for May 4. You’re all invited! ;-) Awesome...then I WILL be doing a special post for it :) Count me in! I am in.  Sweet! You dudes rock my womancock!  I told you bitch, you get premium pimpage ;)

I feel very special here. And by special, I mean not in the way that puts me in the rocking chair with a sucker. Not short bus special? lol I think we all might be a little special, lol!! Thank gawd for that because I deal with short-bus special all day long. I need bad bitch special! HAHAHA! Bad bitch special sounds great to me! Wait... so “special” like Zombie Queen *short bus* for me? Then I’m alright with it... ;) Nothing is special like Zombie Queen short bus special. :D Dude, meds included. No extra charge.

So what’s next...the guys? huh huh huh? *rubs hands evily* Besides being super doable <--oh this boy sounds interesting!!   Oh, you don’t even know the deliciousness that is Gavin Cassidy *pets him* I need to get me some Gavin then!  I mean.. I need to read this book... I love Gavin's character! He is just freaking awesome. He is so broken when we first get to know him and I love seeing him come back out of that!! If you think he’s broken in INHALE, wait until the end of EXHALE punches you in the womannuts. Ahhhh, don’t tell me that!! I don’t want aching womannuts!!  Aching ovaries, yes... aching womannuts, no! Gavin has actually surprised me. I wasn’t sure what to think of him in the beginning. As I said, I’m only 55% through the story, but his growth and rebirth of sorts is SO BEAUTIFUL. He definitely grows a lot in INHALE. Gotta love that about him. And as shit keeps pounding him in the other books, he has to keep growing. It’s a painful process in a lot of ways. But he really loves Zoe, and in the end, what else really matters? That is why I adore him so much!! He is just so in love with Zoe and you can feel it!! I know that Scarlet is going to put a major friggin twist in that plan though. Yep. Scarlet is a bitch. That’s all I can say about her. Annnnnnnnd, we mentioned Sinnder. Don’t get me back on the topic of Sinnder *chants* I solemnly swear not to talk about sex...* I friggin’ love that you’re only half way thru the book and you’re already all about him.  Just you wait! OMG!! Right?! He is the bad boy that you just want so badly!! The scene with him and ya the club....ugh! OMG. So, it’s not sex, since Kendall said there was no Sinnder sex *glare of doom* so it just lots of kinky, steamy, SINful fun???? Huh, huh? Is it? Sinnder’s an enigma. YES! ← This! You just don’t know what the hell he’s about, what his goal is, or whose side he’s really on. There’s nothing sexual about the’s the mystery and intensity of his character. You want to figure him out but you can’t.  Can I tell you how much I love that Sinnder doesn’t fall for Scarlet’s shit! That in itself is a turn-on! YES. It is, but I love Scarlet’s mere ability to heat up the joint. Chic is wackaDOO with a capital DOO, but she brings the HEAT. I so need to know more about him and what is going down! You won’t learn a TON about him in the upcoming books, but you’ll learn enough (I hope) to make you REALLY want more...I mean, should the need arise to maybe possibly perhaps definitely write a Sinnder book after this trilogy ends. Not that I’m saying it will happen, but you know... shit happens. ;-) Word to yo mutha! Or the whales! Or Sinnder! Woot!
Kendall, did you intend for Sinnder to become another smexy boy toy for us or did it just sort of happen? OH! Funny piece of trivia - Sinnder in the first draft of this book was a whiny, sniveling piece of shit peon for Scarlet. He annoyed the shit out of me, so I ripped him out and started over. Now he’s my second fave character. :-) WICKED wise choice, IMO. :Þ
So glad you did because he’s fo sho a fave! I doubt anyone expects their leading male character to be mentally molested by five grown women... He’s not the MC but a helluva runner up, lol HAHA! We are so mentally molesting both of them!! Mentally? Shooot...Ohhh. I think having Kendall here has brought out the raunch out in Smash. I needs to keep my typing mouth shut. ←-This is the kinda shit that happens after a 14 hour day dealing with other people’s mental health. My mouth and brain are as one. LOL. I should write more reviews in this elated state...

They’re both kinda made of hotness, so no one can blame us for creeping on fictional hotties. ;-) 

So we need to wrap this bitch up or I'll have to start sorting it into chapters, LOL!  

Finito! Read this sucka! But stay away from Sinnder. *glare of doom*



  1. I loved this chat!! It is so long, but I couldn't stop laughing. We are rabid!!! Lol!! We could totally start a talk show about books. We would be super entertaining!! ;)

  2. This post is wicked intimidating. I don't know if anyone can handle all of this and all of us. lol.

    I sure had fun tho!

  3. I had a blast too, ladies! Thanks for letting me hang out with all your awesome faces. I heart you guys HARD!

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  5. LOL You guys are totally hilarious, I had a blast reading this post! Can't wait to read the book :)

  6. Thanks for such a fun post!!!!! I'm loving these group blog chats! I *wants* this book soooo bad... lol... can't wait for the e-book release so I can get it!!!!

  7. OMG! I was dirty.... haha ;) Great chat! Can't wait till Jenny Pox chat this week!! =)


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