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Today’s topic is:
Real Boyfriends vs. Book Boyfriends

Isalys: Have you guys ever stopped to think about the qualities you love most in your book boyfriends and then realized that they are COMPLETELY different from the things you love about your real boyfriends/husbands?

Think about this!
  For instance, when it comes to my books I am a total sucker for the Alpha Male. Guys like Bones, Barrons, ALL the Lords of the Underworld...these guys with their 6’5” rippling bodies who grab you by the hair, look you straight in the eye and growl, “you’re mine!”

*melts into puddle of girly goo* What was I saying again?  Oh yeah! There’s nothing more delicious than a dominant male...in my BOOKS!

In real life though, not so much. I am not above admitting that I’m kind of an alpha female and that while I love me a good alpha male in books, in real life I’d probably sock ‘em right in the mouth, or junk! In real life, I love a man who is kind, compassionate, gentlemanly, and hilariously funny! I’d certainly be okay with a 6’5” rippling body, but considering that I’m 5’5” and weigh 100 lbs soaking wet, we’d probably look ridiculous, lol.

I’m totally with you on this one my friend. I love when my book boyfriends are all growly, slightly possessive and mildly intimidating. There’s something about these brooding heroes that make the me in my head want to climb these lads like a tree. They make my knees go weak. I really enjoy watching my heroines face off with these delicious Alphas. Especially when they make the ladies all flustered and throw them off their game.

However, the me in real life would be none too pleased if my real life boyfriend displayed any of the signs I listed above. Slightly possessive?! Yeah right! Him and I would have some serious issues. I wouldn’t do well if he was the slightest bit intimidating either. I love that my real life boyfriend is easygoing. If he had been just an itty bitty bit intimidating I would’ve run for the hills.

I married the perfect guy for me who is all of the things I listed above and not a gigantor! Luckily, I also have my MANY book boyfriends to satisfy my other boyish tastes. And what’s my motto, ladies? (If you guys really know me you should know this ;)

“A Book Slut is the safest kind of slut to be!” 

I really should get this on a t-shirt already!

Jen: Another type of book boyfriend that I love to read about but would definitely not dig in real life is the elusive bad boy. We all know the type ladies. Dark good looks, edgy, rough around the edges and exudes that air of danger. He’s also the guy who is a little bit cocky, probably slightly arrogant and who either drives the heroine crazy which leads her to seek him out and/or who completely dismisses our heroine which leads her to seek him out. The me in my head is all like, ‘RAWR! You can run by you can’t hide!’ The me in real life wouldn’t touch that guy with a ten foot pole. Been there, done that and absolutely not the least bit interested.

Isalys: Indeed!  Also good BOOK boyfriend material; not actual boyfriend material.  Example, Victoria Scott's The Collector.  All who have read this book know exactly what a "bad boy" looks like, and he looks like Dante Walker.  He epitomizes the bad boy with his rugged good looks, I-am-untouchable attitude, arrogance and money in spades, etc.  Yet bring one of these bad boys home?  My dad would have flipped his shit and locked me up! lol

Now it's your turn!  Tell us about your favorite book boyfriend and if they're anything at all like the real men in your lives!

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  1. Ha ha! I'm the same way with my book boyfriends, and I actually dated a guy who had a lot of the "alpha male" characteristics that make me swoon... BIG mistake! I'll leave those traits to my book boyfriends and relish the fact that my husband has some, but is more my partner than my overlord ;-)


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