US vs. UK (Round 9) + New Cover Art

It's time for our next round of US vs. UK!

This week we're pairing up the two covers of Infinite Days by Rebecca Maizel.

Remember:  US (left) vs. UK (right)

Infinite Days by Rebecca Maizel - Book # 1


And if you've read this book, then you already realize how absolutely fabulous it is and you're eagerly awaiting the release of book # 2, "Stolen Nights".  {eek, can't wait!}

As far as I'm concerned, US has this one in the bag!  Overall, the design is much simpler but the quality of the photography (and even the font type) is superior.  Also, the cover is printed on a high-density iridescent paper that has a lovely shimmer to it on both sides.  The US cover is simple, yet captivating!

What say YOU...which cover do you like more?


  1. I think the US cover is beautiful but I like the artsy part in the UK cover. I'm kind of tired of books using models as the cover. So I'm going to go with the UK on this one.

  2. No question, the US cover is so much better! I love it.

  3. I loooved loved LOOOVED this book so sooo much.
    Totally the US cover and not that you are telling it's has this shining cover I think I need to buy a copy....
    ( I just own the audiobook, which was fabulous btw!)

  4. and I totally apologize for all the typos ;( my excitement was carrying me away...

  5. I am a US-based writer and I like both. I think the UK cover makes the book look like it is for older readers though: high teens/adult. The US cover looks younger to me, like middle school/high school.

  6. Just FYI the link in your scroll bar isn't working. It's "http" so you might6 want to fix that. :)

    I love the US cover. It's quite interesting how more US covers win lately, when I always liked the UK covers so much more. (Well, when you think of Nalini Singh's books it's a usual thing to think so, I guess.)


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