A Memorable Valentine's Day!

So last night, my hubbs and I celebrated our 10th Valentine's Day together at one of my favorite restaurants, The Melting Pot.  Hard to believe time has gone by so quickly and we're on our way to marking our 11th year together. 

As we enjoyed our fondue together, we took a little quiz that the restaurant gave us and ended up reminiscing about some of our most memorable dates.  Of all the Valentine's we've shared, there is one that sticks out above all others.

Picture it!  Valentine's Day, Miami, FL 2003...
(I'm channeling Sophia Petrillo here :)

This was our 3rd V-Day together and I wanted to surprise him by making him a delicious home-cooked meal.  I did all my shopping the night before and planned out what I was going to wear.  I hauled ass home after work to shower, change and pack up my ingredients.  I had asked him to make himself scarce so that I could "surprise" him so he took himself to a movie.  En route to his apartment, he called me to say that he was out of his movie and ready to head back.  I was still stuck in traffic though (this is Miami after all) and hadn't even made it to his apartment to start cooking.  I start panicking because I was already late and getting later! 

I finally make it back to his apartment, haul all my crap upstairs and as I go to unlock the door, guess what!  My key didn't work.  Oh, this was not good!  Try as I might, that door was not budging.  I call him to tell him what happened and he said he would try to get a hold of maintenance.  Maintenance was nowhere to be found.  I was stuck!  I sat on the floor of his hallway in my pretty dress and a laundry basket full of wilted lettuce and stinking shrimp and I cried because my evening was going from bad to worse!  

He arrives back at the apartment to find me slumped against his door, all tear-stained face and stinky shrimp.  What a sight I must have been!  I'll never forget it...he bends down and gives me a little box and said, "this should make you smile."  I open to find a beautiful pair of blue and white diamond earrings.  Cue, Isalys's sobbing!  He told me not worry; that he would hide while I cooked.

He opened the door to his apartment and on the dining table I found a talking picture frame with our picture in it surrounded by a heart made of peach rose petals.  It was heart-melting!  He hid himself in the bedroom and watched TV while I made him a Spanish paella and a heart-shaped cake.  Luckily, my meal turned out perfectly.  We ate in the candlelight and danced in the dark.  It was a perfectly cheesy and romantic Valentine's.

After our eating, dancing and clean-up...it was time to go home!  It was getting late and my parents weren't too cool with me being out all night.  My evening was topped off when I got pulled-over for having illegal lights on my car.  Luckily, by that time I was still riding the high of my lovely evening and I was not going to let a cop bring me down!

So that was my Valentine's Day 2003, lol.  We've shared some wonderful Valentines since, but none that were anything like that night. 

I consider myself one of the lucky ones to have found the guy that, while not perfect, is perfect for me and I look forward to many, many more Valentine's Days together

Happy Valentine's Day to all the lovebirds out there!!


  1. what a sweetie!
    my hubby would have asked what I was whining about and laughed. one of these says I'll have to tell you how we met & why it's perfectly all right for him to laugh whilst I cry...

  2. Aww that was a lovely post! Really sweet.

  3. You guys are super cute! I myself am celebrating our 13th V-Day together and it just never gets old. Great story!

  4. aw what a cute story! stupid miami traffic, i hate it too!! congrats on your 10th vday!! thats amazing!

    btw, loved the sophia petrillo channeling!!

  5. Adorable! I'm happy for you!

    Happy Valentine's DaY!

  6. Aw now that is what a call a keeper, what a sweetheart! Hope you have many more wonderful Valentine's Day with your fantastic hubby.

  7. ღ♥ஜ♥ Happy Valentines Day ♥ஜ♥ღ

  8. Thank you for sharing such a funny and romantic story!

  9. Great memory. LOL, damn you all make me feel old... try 20 years and still going strong. Happy Valentine's Day.

  10. Ahhhhh! What a great guy. He sounds like my Mr. Whimsy.

    Thanks for sharing your story and picture with us.

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  11. Awwwwwwwwww Isa I"m so glad you and Phil are together you guys are amazing

  12. OMG! My heart is melting! I love that story.

    Congrats on 13 years together! Happy V-day.

  13. aww! That's so sweet!

  14. Awwwww! Is! That's so stinking romantic I want to punch someone.

    Valentine's Day 2003 I spent a the hospital ( Orlando Regional Medical Center ) waiting for my sister-in-law to give birth to my twin nephews, Andrew & Elijah. And went for a "jog" with the daddy-to-be to help settle his nerves because they were early... I said "jog" because after afew feet I was already begging for air. LOL.

    But! Valentines 2009 ( 12 am ) I spent sleeping in the hospital waiting room for my nephew Ethan to be born. He came 15 minutes after midnight officially making him a V-Day baby.

    Valentine's Day 2010 I spent "running" away from a very naked Ethan while he chased me around the pavilion we had his birthday party at.

    This year I did nothing special. But it was still good. :)

    Byy the way, does huby have any brothers? lol... does he? Single ones.

  15. Congratulations on your 13 years together. We have just celebrated our 17th one and are as happy now and back then!


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