US vs. UK (Round 12)

Last week, we had the pleasure of reading, reviewing, interviewing and giving away a copy of MERCY by Rebecca Lim.

So this week, we decided to have the various versions of MERCY go head-to-head in the next edition of US vs. UK. This one is a little special though because we're including the Australian (Rebecca's homeland) and German covers as well.

We're going international baby!!

US (left) / Australian (right)

German (left) / Unknown (right)

Looking at all these covers, I am the most drawn to the Austrialian edition.  I'm not entirely sure what she's wearing and I know it doesn't quite fit with the story but honestly, that was the last thing I noticed.  What draws my eye most are the blue, turquoise (cool) colors and the font used for the title. 

On the flip side side, the US cover is much darker which is more suited to the story.  However, next to the AU version it seems a bit lack-luster to me.

The German version while not bad in it's simplicity and colors is simply TOO understated and doesn't say much.

The last version, I couldn't figure out where it's from. If someone knows, please feel free to let me know and I'll update this post.  The dress pictured does have a distinct "feathery" feel to it which also applies to the story line, but the lighting, the pose and the colors give the illusion that she's underwater and why would an angel be under water?

So those are my two cents!  Which of these are your favorite(s)?  I'm sticking with AU and US.

Here are a few more of her covers for this series (which are not yet available in the US.)

Exile (Mercy #2)

Muse (Mercy #3)

♥ Isalys ♥


  1. I could be wrong, but I think the 4th is UK.

    My fave for Mercy is the Aussie version, but for the rest it's got to be the right covers.

  2. Mercy- Aussie DEFINITELY!
    Exile- 2nd one (UK?)
    Muse- 1st one (US?)


    The Bookish Brunette

  3. Im voting for the unknown!!

    Second one I dont really like either, but the third one I like both (though more the one on the right). ^^

  4. all are beautiful but i prefer Aussie version;)

  5. Okay, any time you stick something in German in front of me, I instantly get distracted with translations. It says, "is love eternal?" then "Gefangen" which is similar to trapped or captured. Does that have any relation to the story line?

  6. I love comparing covers! I think the Aussie was is so beautiful.

    Thanks for this feature. :)

  7. The AU definitely caught my eye. I also like the unknown cover.

  8. Hmmm...I think I'm going to have to go Australian on this one!

  9. The bottom right (4th one) is UK, it's the copy I've got. I haven't read it though so don't know which one suits the story best, but I think I like the US and UK most. Ultimately I think the UK is my favourite, i love the deep blue and mysterious feel of it.

    Great post. :D

  10. Having not read the book yet, I vote for the US cover. It's kind of dark and mysterious, and definitely screams paranormal.

  11. I have to say the striking eye color of the German cover grabbed my attention right away and not to be wish-washy, but I also liked the Aussie and US - all three of those covers might have prompted me to pick up the book and check out the blurb. Thanks for sharing today.

  12. Yep! The 4th cover is the UK - its the one we have :) Donna

  13. Actually, I think I like the German cover best! A fairly controversial opinion, it seems... Maybe because of the way the wings are drawn in, and the unusual font for the title? It's amazing how instinctive cover love is, though, isn't it? Where you just have four on a screen and can straight away put your finger on the one you'd be most likely to buy?

  14. For Mercy they Aussie version. The US cover is my least favorite

  15. Mercy: All BUT the Australian.
    Oh and I love the 2nd Muse.

  16. Yes the 4th is UK as l had a copy =)
    I love the Australian but also the UK one =)

  17. I like the australian version the best.

  18. The bottom right copy of Mercy is the one available to us in Canada. It's actually my favourite of the lot too (probably because of the really pretty blue).

  19. I love the AUS cover on #1. On #2 & #3, the best-looking ones are the 2nd cover in each row.


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