INHALE Flash Mob

A couple of weeks ago, we REVIEWED and hosted a whole week of indie epicness dedicated to Kendall Grey and her book INHALE.  We're happy to announce that today is officially release day!

*throws confetti*

As you recall INHALE is an urban fantasy romance by Kendall Grey and it's now available in PAPERBACK and e-book for KINDLE (MOBI) and NOOK (EPUB). INHALE is the first book in the JUST BREATHE trilogy. Kendall is actually donating all profits from the sale of the trilogy to programs that educate people about whales and the challenges they face. 

Please take a few minutes to watch the VIDEO below to find out why.

Kendall encourages interested readers to consider purchasing an e-book instead of a paperback. E-books save trees, cost considerably less, and bring in much more money for the whales.

Thank you for supporting INHALE, and most importantly, the whales that need our help!


  1. I am seriously sniffling my face off. I can't thank Kendall enough for USING her passion to educate others and advocate for whales everywhere. YOU are an inspiration and I'm happy to know that people like you exist. I've been there. Not for whales (though I love me some cetaceans!), but for refugees and genocide victims. I know. *hugs you*

    And thank YOU to Isa and Vane for posting this up. I will be plastering across the intarwebs.

  2. Isa, I can't tell you how much I appreciate all you've done for me and INHALE - especially this last month. I couldn't ask for more. Thank you a million trillion gazillion times and then a billion more on top of that. You are an AWESOME friend!

    And Smash, all that goes for you too, woman! Keep up the good work with people who need help. There are too many important causes in this world that don't get nearly enough attention -- too many problems left unsolved. Let's fight to make it right! Chick power! BOOSH!


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