My Reading Support Group

I've read some really great and intensely emotional books lately.  What's a girl (or guy) to do when you get to that scene that infuriates you or makes you all swoony or tears your heart out?  Turn to your bloggy and Twitter pals, that's what!

No one understands a bookworm's highs, lows and woes like other bookworms!  My husband can make fun of me all he wants, but when a character I love dies, I am AFFECTED dammit and my reader pals know this!  While reading Just Breathe by Kendall Grey, Just One Day by Gayle Forman and Boundless by Cynthia Hand, I had the support of some pretty awesome ladies to help me get through these books and it made me realize just how much I rely on them to fangirl, gush, vent, or cry with when we read books "together".  We have become each other's support group...a #BookBloggerSupportGroup (thanks for the stellar hashtag, Amy) :D

So here is MY Blogger Support Group ♥ Thank you ladies! Couldn't get through these stories without you ;)
Do you have a Reader/Blogger Support Group too?
Do you find that you rely on them more than you realized?
Or do you need to rely on them more?
Who are the peeps that you just can't get through a book without?

And next time you do reach out to them, feel free to use the #BookBloggerSupportGroup hashtag ;)


  1. I very much remember your comments during Barrons mania. *snicker* Ahhh...sharing the grief, frustration and admiration for these characters is the BEST part about reading. AMEN that we have the ability to easily do this in this day and age. I've been thinking about creating some sort of monthly or bi-weekly feature where I rant or gush about a book - major spoilers included - and invite people who have read the book to join me and really discuss the book.

    I need to rely on my #BookBloggerSupportGroup more than I do. I haven't read any of the books you listed yet. I will be picking up Just Breathe next. I WILL NEED YOU, ISA!

  2. Hahaha! I think I need to go out a restock on the adult beverages. God knows we need it with all these blasted YA books! <3 this post and <3<3<3 you all!

  3. I agree w/Smash. I love how we can rely on one another, when a few years ago it wouldn't have been possible.

    Just Breathe def requires #BookBloggerSupportGroup

  4. Love this post!! I love being able to turn to my blogger and twitter friends for moral support while reading. No one understands like all of you do!! :)

  5. i'm glad i found some friend between the bloogers i follow because yes sometimes a book can really make me emotional ( after a mermaid's kiss i was such a wreck)

  6. I do for sure! I have certain people I turn to for certain books and series. <3 having my blogger family to rant/vent too!

    You should have heard me ranting to Loretta at Starbucks the other day...haha. I got so fired up and the person behind me must have gave me a funny look because the next thing I know Loretta is giving them "THE LOOK", you know the one! ;)

  7. Love your face! I'm always happy to talk books with you. How could I have gotten through Easy without you? *mwah*

  8. So glad to have found a group of peeps who totally feel like I do about certain books! Just Breathe was definitely an emotional ride! One that seriously required a leaning post, or friend :) I remember all those tweets from during your read of Just Breathe, they were hilarious!!

    Glad to help you through and know I will be looking to you when I read the Unearthly series. I haven't started it yet!

  9. Thanks for the mention lady! I love having people who don't think I'm crazy for crying over FICTIONAL CHARACTERS (who are completely real in our hearts...). I just about lost my soul reading PREY so I could feel your pain. That was one of the most emotionally draining books I've ever read. I was exhausted after finishing that one!

    And - holy cow! - what is this JUST BREATHE book everyone is talking about!? I guess I'll be adding that to my TBR and apparently using the #bookbloggersupportgroup hashtag very soon!!!

  10. Beautiful lady, not only do I look to you and the ladies mentioned for book support but also to brighten up my day. Yeah, you all are that awesome!


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