Where did RAK go?

I'm writing this post because some of you have asked about RAK going all Houdini and disappearing for the past couple of months.  Truth is that it has fallen by the wayside. It has gotten a bit stale and it doesn't get the participation or traffic that it used to.  To be frank about it, it's gotten rather boring!  It is still near & dear to our hearts so we want to make it work by trying to come up with way(s) to REVAMP it and make it fun again!

Isalys had what she thought was a really great idea to re-energize RAK and subsequently do something good with it, but sadly that idea crashed and burned before it even got off the ground :(  (Still quite heartbroken about that!)

We really appreciate those who've asked about it and stuck around.  We welcome any and all suggestions you have to liven it up!

If you do have an idea or suggestion, feel free to comment below, email us at booksoulmates@gmail, or tweet us with the hashtag #keepRAKalive.


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