US vs UK Cover Battle 12.5.13

What we've been doing for our US vs UK meme is pairing up books that released the same week as our posts.  Of this week's releases, we're battling Gabriel's Redemtion by Sylvain Reynard.

Isalys: Well, the US one has this whole Adam & Eve thing going on that I don't get unless Gabriel has a thing for doing it in bushes (er, no pun intended).  Oh wait, maybe that was intentional!  Ooh Berkley, you dirty ;)
Jen: I'm diggin' the UK cover on this one. It draws my eye in. Something about it...
Taryn: I prefer the UK cover, too. I think I'd be slightly embarrassed to read the U.S. version in public because it screams "Erotica!" but the UK cover is more subtle.
Isalys: I agree with you both!   The UK is much more subtle, mysterious, and overall a more interesting, alluring cover :)
Stephanie: I'm going UK cover on this one as well. I like the simplicity of it. Kind of showing us a snap shot into an intimate moment. Also the red really pops letting us know there will be some lust, love, blood. I'm sure you can keep going but the mystery of the UK cover definitely intrigues me more then the US cover. 

UK wins with us!  What about you?


  1. I do love them both, they're both very different but I slightly prefer the US one!

  2. I'm going to have to say that I prefer the US one. I don't like the whole blurred photo of the UK one, it aggravates my eyes. I like the US one because of the color scheme and the fact that you can see both the "hero" and "heroine" on it. Plus I'm a back girl so anytime I can see a well toned back I'm happy.

  3. I do like both, and they are unique in their own way, but I always love it when you see both the hero and heroine together, so US wins for me.

  4. I like both but I'm going to have to go with the UK cover, mostly because I prefer simple covers. But they're both gorgeous.

  5. I like the UK cover much better, the other one looks like a bunch of images are just tossed together.

  6. You know that expression, less is more? UK draws me in because it alludes to it more.

  7. I like the US cover. I like seeing both characters together on the cover.


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