Manic Mondays...Anything Goes!

Monday's are going to be our "anything goes" day :) We've decided that we will let our randomness decide what gets posted. Today we have a fun quiz for you!

If you are a Jane Austen fan, then take a stab at our quiz! Stop by on Thursday to see the correct answers and find out how many answers you got right! Also, if you would like to to be included for an extra entry in our Wicked Wednesday giveaway, then please say so in your in your post.

  1. Who is the heroine of "Sense & Sensibility"?
  2. In "Emma", where did Frank Churchill and Jane Fairfax meet?
  3. Which one of Jane Austen's books feature characters putting on a play?
  4. Which of Jane Austen's books is the shortest?
  5. Where in England would you find Pemberly?
  6. What book was Jane Austen writing at the time of her death?
  7. What was the original title of "Pride & Prejudice"?
  8. In "Persuasion", who is Anne Elliott in love with?
  9. Where was Jane Austen born (be specific)?
  10. What ailment finally claimed Jane Austen life and in what year?


  1. 1). The heroine of "Sense & Sensibility" is Elinor.
    2). They met in Weymouth.
    3). Mansfield Park.
    4). “Northanger Abbey” was Jane Austen’s shortest work.
    5). Pemberly is located in Cheshire, England.
    6). She was writing “Sanditon”.
    7). "First Impressions” was Jane Austen’s choice prior to “Pride and Prejudice”.
    8). She is in love with Captain Frederick Wentworth.
    9). Jane Austin was born at the rectory, in the village of Steventon, near Basingstoke, in Hampshire.
    10). Addison’s disease claimed Jane Austen’s life on July 18th, 1817.

  2. Look at you :) Were you cheating missy? Just kidding!

  3. I believe I can actually recite "Pride and Prejudice" word for word! lol :) On any given day, I watch the movie up to 3 times. No kidding. I love Jane Austen's work!!! I'm not sure I got all the answers right, tho, but we'll know on Friday. hugs. :)

  4. What!?! *gasps*

    Say it isn't so!!! lol :)

    Okay, let's analyze this:

    Question #1 - Elinor and Eleanor could both be accurate, depending on the pronunciation.

    Question #10 - I'm almost certain she died of Addison's Disease, but, I will further "reasearch" this topic. lol

    Now, if my findings prove I'm correct, I will forward you guys the information as well as the resources ...and we will dispute this major issue!!! :P

    Why, you ask?

    Because I'm a sore loser, that's why!!! lol. :D



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