New Moon Movie

The New Moon Movie poster has been released and we wanted to share it with you guys :) So exciting!!!


PS: How sexy is Edward?! *swoon*


  1. It really is! Jacob looks so much better with short hair and Edward is well, gorgeous ♥

  2. I guess I'm the only one in the world that doesn't think the actor that they picked for Jacob is right, huh? Not that he's horrid or anything but hmm...I was *please don't kill me* Team Jacob while I read the books so I was kinda a bit upset at the choice. I guess we shall see if he "grows" into his character.

    ps-I do think the post is better than the first movies!

  3. Very well done. Like I wasn't already on pins and needles to see the movie. It's mighty nice having it as a desktop image too.


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