Meet the authors of the 'House of Night' series

For those of you who are familiar with the House of Night series, or even if you're not, meet P.C. & Kristen Cast. They are the mother/daughter duo responsible for these books!

If you like Harry Potter and you like Vampires...then I suggest you check out these books :)

Click on the link below to watch their segment on ABC News!

Mother-Daughter Vampire Duo


  1. I LOVE the House of Night series! It's Harry Potter meets Twilight =)

  2. Beautiful pic! I've never read these books. Probably ones I should be checking out!

  3. I met P.C. and Kristen in San Francisco last year at the RWA conference and have most of their books so far. Getting read to start reading! Congrats on everything to you both!


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