Author Event: Carrie Ryan

This week, I got to meet Carrie Ryan, author of the Forest of Hands & Teeth trilogy! I, for some inexplicable reason, have not yet read these books but that was not going to stop me from attending the first stop on her tour for her latest and final installment in her Forest series, The Dark and Hollow Places.

We actually had a nice, intimate little group which was great because Carrie was able to talk at length about her ten-year plan, why she chose zombies and what it was like to become a "New York Times Best Selling Author!"  Hopefully her husband has recovered his hearing by now, lol.
She also read an excerpt from her "The Dark and Hollow Places" before we got started with the signing.

Yay for Carrie signing her first two books for me (I'll have to add book 3 to my library later - I've put myself on a book buying ban but that's a conversation for later, lol). 

She also gave us some swag and really, who doesn't love swag?!

Carrie is a DOLL!! She was so nice, fun and bubbly and I really had a great time!  Yes sir, I'm rocking my new Forest of Hands & Teeth pin :)

Love my new autographed babies that I know my Billy shelf will take good care of!

On a sad note:  Ash from Smash Attack and my BFF and book soulmate Vanessa weren't able to make it to the signing.  Books & Books changed the location to Ft. Lauderdale and with work and traffic, it wasn't possible for them to make it in time.  They're both HUGE fan-girls of Carrie so I know they would have loved every minute...but they were there in spirit!  Besides, just because you're not there...doesn't mean you're left empty handed ;-)


  1. Hooray for us and our bad-selves meeting Carrie Ryan. How cool are we? *brushes shoulders off*

    Great pics! <3

  2. So happy that you were able to attend! And it was a small, intimate group at that! So cool. I was totally there in spirit. And I walked away with a goodie? Seriously? You ladies are TOOOO awesome. *hugs*

  3. I was at her event last night. I agree... she's a doll! Love her books too :)

  4. So cool! You gals get the coolest authors.

  5. I love Carrie Ryan's lucky.

  6. How great I want to read this series now

  7. Freaking awesome! Glad you got some great pics.

  8. I love author events! I haven't read her yet, but I have The Forest of Hands and Teeth here and hopefully can read it soon!
    That's very awesome you got to go!

  9. So cool! I hope I get to meet her when she comes this way. Great pics and lucky you!

  10. The Forest of Hands and Teeth is my favourite book of all time. Thank you for doing the blog post, very interesting!! I am so jealous!!



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