Cover Art: Confessions of an Improper Bride

Confessions of an Improper Bride
by Jennifer Haymore
Scheduled to be released in August 1, 2011 by Forever [per Goodreads].

On Jennifer's blog, she tells us that is trilogy about the five Donovan sisters: Serena, Meg, Olivia, Phoebe, and Jessica. This series begins with Confessions of an Improper Bride, Serena’s story.

After a shocking scandal, Serena Donovan was banished to the family plantation in the West Indies. Her twin sister, Meg, accompanied her. Serena was the wild, rebellious child, while Meg embodied virtuous perfection. In their year in London, Meg fell in love with a gentleman, William Langley, who planned to propose as soon as he honored his Navy contract. As they sailed home, Meg slipped and fell overboard. Serena tried to save her, but Meg was lost at sea.

Now, five years later, Langley is ready to marry and Serena's mother sees an opportunity to return to England, get herself out of debt, and reestablish her four living daughters in society. For the first time, Serena is told that all of England believes she died, and that her mother has been writing love letters to Langley in Meg's name. Her mother commands her to return to London as Meg. She's devastated at the thought of deceiving Langley, and enraged at her mother's treachery, but she has no choice--her scandal contributed to the family's fall. She vows to reform and do the best she can by her sister and Langley.

She doesn't expect to encounter Jonathan Dane--her very own original sin. Inheriting his father's title and fortune never eased the pain of losing his one and only love. He recognizes Serena instantly. The attraction between them is intense, but Serena is determined to honor her commitment to Langley.

Serena is caught in her mother's trap--if she's marries Langley her family will have security, but she'll deceiving an honorable man, and abandoning the love of her life. If she tells the truth and chooses Jonathan, she'll hurt and humiliate Langley, and her family will lose everything. How can she choose between duty and true love?

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Doesn't this book sound sinfully delicious?!  =D
I'm so excited for more of Jennifer's books. After having read her first three novels and LOVING them, I am hooked!  She's now one of my auto-buy authors so you know that this bad boy is coming home with me on August 1st :)


  1. I have A Hint of Wicked on my TBR pile I will have to put it on top.

  2. Sounds right up my alley, I'll be putting these on my TBR! I absolutely love historical romance.

  3. "Sinfully delicious" is the perfect way to describe this book - sounds like a sizzling, fun, romantic read! :)

  4. This sounds so good! I haven’t read anything by this author before, but I’ve heard great things.


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