Review: Seduced by Destiny by Kira Morgan

Title: Seduced by Destiny
Author: Kira Morgan
Publish Date: March 1, 2011 by Forever
Pages: 352, paperback
Reviewed by: ISALYS
Reason for reading: Reviewed for The Season for Romance

Josselin was orphaned at a young age when she lost both her parents in two different battles. Her mother’s death was especially tragic when she fought alongside fellow Scottish men at the Battle of Ancrum Moor and was fatally wounded. She beseeched the help of an Englishman and against his own will, he cut her down with his sword as an act of mercy. From then on, she became known as the Maiden of Ancrum Moor. Josselin herself grew up to be a beautiful fighter, just like her mother. She was also impetuous, strong-willed and eager to exact vengeance against the English for her mother’s death.

The Englishman who ended the life of Josselin’s mother was plagued by the guilt of having murdered a woman. He wrote a final letter and gave it to his young son, Andrew who delivered it to his uncles. By the time the boy returned, his father was already hanging from the rafters; and so it was on that day that two young children were left without parents.

Andrew, later known as Drew, was raised by his three uncles. He was taught how to fight and wield a sword with incredible dexterity. Like his father though, Andrew never acquired a taste for blood or violence. He preferred to fight his battles on the golf course. As a grown man, Andrew led his uncles to believe that he was earning his living fighting in the English tournament circuit. Meanwhile, he was really disguised as a Highlander playing golf alongside the Scots.

It was during the procession honoring the new Queen Mary of Scots that Drew met a spirited young lad that was moments away from going toe-to-toe with some rather large and drunken Scotsmen. Drew intervened to assist the young man only to learn that he was really a she. Josselin was none-too-pleased about being accosted by a too handsome, too charming and too nosy Highlander. All that bickering actually caught the new queen’s attention and led to a series of events that would change Josselin and Drew’s lives forever.

Once again, Kira Morgan gives us colorful characters that you hope will find happiness against the odds stacked against them. Jossy and Drew are so very different yet so compatible. This story didn’t offer the same level of mystery as its predecessor but it wasn’t without some suspense. Drew spent most of his time hiding under the pretense of being a Highlander. As a reader, you’ll spend much of your time wondering what will happen to them once the truth is revealed.

I didn’t find this novel quite as gripping as Morgan’s first, “Captured by Desire” because of the simpler plot. However, the fiery personalities and passionate relationship between Jossy and Drew made the story very enjoyable.

RATING: 4 hearts

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