How Do You Judge Books?

J.Kaye asked her followers this question:
How do you judge books? Do you review them technically or by the emotion they evoke? Does the book strike a cord, does it leave you thinking about it long after you're finished? Are you still thinking about it and recommending it months after you've read it or do I close the last page and forget about it immediately? And then there is everything in between. Which are you and which do you like to read?

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As we see it, there is the "pre-read" judgment and then the "post-read" judgment. The "pre-read" judgment is when you decide to read or not to read a book based on a number of different factors: cover art, synopsis, fellow book reviews, even trailers.

It's no secret that we totally judge a book by its cover. We believe that the cover plays an incredibly important role in the success of a book. If it's an author that we are familiar with and enjoy, then the cover is not quite as critical. However, if it's a new author, then the cover is what people base their initial interest on (case in point, Isalys' review on Fallen). The synopsis is also important because how else will we know if the story peeks our interest? And we'll occasionally read a book if we know our friends or fellow bloggers give it raving reviews!

The "post-read" judgment is your thoughts & review of the book. As for us, we are more of the emotional type! We read for the simple pleasure of it so we don't necessarily get very technical with our reviews. We are sticklers for grammar and the basic rules of proper writing, but we also tend to form emotional attachments with our books. How much do we like or dislike the characters? How captivating or intriguing is the storyline? Does the story make us sit & ponder or is it quickly forgotten? Would we recommend it to our friends?

These are the questions we consider when we write our reviews. Now, we each have our own personal styles of writing & reviewing and we (Isalys & Vanessa) as individuals communicate differently so you may find that our reviews differ, but we go through the same motions and processes. I guess that's part of what makes us book soulmates

So we wanted to ask our followers...
how do YOU judge books?

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