New New New! iHeart Monday 11.9.09

Good morning sunshines and welcome to a new week!!

So we did a little thinking this weekend and decided that it was time for some change on Book ♥ Soulmates. It's out with the old and in with the new! We'll be saying good-bye to a few old memes and saying hello to some new ones...but don't worry, a few of our favorites like Wicked Wednesday and Fresh Friday will be staying!

Our first change is bye-bye "Manic Monday" and helloooo "iHeart Monday".

"i heart" is a really fun meme introduced to us by our wonderful amiga
Nely at All About {n} and we just couldn't wait to jump on board :)

Every Monday, we'll be sharing something (
anything) that we love with you and we encourage you to share something that you love with us!

Today, we
iHeart Vera Bradley

Vera Bradley is a designer line of feminine handbags (
and oh so much more) introduced to Isalys by a friend some years ago. The founding duo that is Vera Bradley became known for their signature 'all fabric' purses in fun & colorful patterns; patterns that when you see them down the street have become synonymous with this brand.

Isalys got her first V.B. purse as a gift in the very popular Java Blue pattern and soon fell in love! Her collection is slowly growing and now includes: (3) purses, (1) giant weekender tote, (1) wallet, (1) eyeglass case, (1) notebook, and even (1) lunch bag in a variety of 4 different patterns. She has converted her mom into a bonafide V.B. fan and is now working her magic to get Vanessa to become a fan too :P *hehe*

Vera Bradley's products are not only fun, flirty and sassy but also really practical. Their all fabric purses can be tossed into the washer & dryer and come out good as new without damaging the purse...what other purse can say that huh? Plus, because they are all fabric, they're uber flexible so you can fit a TON of stuff in them and usually come with a bunch pockets for extra storage.

You can check her out at Vera
Their products are available at any V.B. Boutique shop, Hallmark, Crabtree & Evelyn and yes, even Barnes & Nobles now carries them too *yayyy!*

Ok, enough sales...

iHearts her Vera Bradley notebook and lunch bag in Bali Blue
(which she got at Barnes & Noble)

Isalys: I used my Bali Blue journal to take notes of our trip while in the UK. It's got a magnetic flap to keep it closed and a string book mark. As for my lunch bag, I can honestly say that I don't leave home without it :)

iHearts this Vera Bradley Pen & Pencil Set in Imperial Toile
(a new and fabulous brown & pink pattern)

Vanessa: I have to admit, it took me a while to jump on the Vera Bradley band wagon b/c I usually go for simpler looks. All that changed a few weeks ago when I was in B&N with Isalys and I saw (and fell in ♥ with) this pen/pencil set. I ♥ the design! I ♥ the colors! It's soooo.... ME! I cannot wait to buy the purses and all the other cute thingies in this collection! =)

That's it for this post. We hope you guys are as excited about this new meme as we are!

Have a fantastic Monday!


  1. what a nice idea, iheart mondays, i like it. i also like the new page. its a nice holiday look. i also love that Vera Bradley Pen & Pencil Set. its very cute. i'm so glad you're keeping fresh fresh. thats my favorite one.

  2. I like you iheart Mondays! And what a nice fresh background change! Looks great!


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