Facebook Question...

Attention fellow Facebooking Bloggers!!

I have a question for you all...

Most of you know that we have a Facebook Profile as well as an FB Fan Page. We are being inundated with daily friend requests on our profile - which is all fine & dandy - although we'd prefer that they be a follower of the blog or a fan of our Fan Page. However, these preferred options seem to be getting lost somewhere. Many of the friend requests we get seem to be legitimate {authors, fellow bloggers and readers}, which we are all too happy to accept. However, many others are from people who are downright creepy, don't look like they can even read OR just want to use our page as a forum to push their own products {music, art, shoes, make-up, jewelry, etc}. We are NOT a public service station - as if the name BOOK Soulmates wasn't obvious enough!

I have made a note on our profile that we will ONLY accept friend requests if we are given a reason why - but who knows how well that will work?! I wish there was some sort of "required question" option.

Do any of you have any suggestions that could help us promote our Fan Page instead of our actual profile?

Thanks in advance for ANY helpful feedback,
♥ Isalys


  1. Maybe the "soulmates" is throwing people off. Dating site/service?

    Sorry, I'm finding it a bit funny that people are friending you. Well, people who shouldn't be friending you, anyway. It's pretty cool that you have a Facebook page/profile though!

  2. Can't say I have any ideas. You must be doing something right already .)

    Hm, I am so glad the creeps have stayed away from me. I only get authors. But yes there still should be something more to the friending, like why did you friend me, a simple question, with a simple answer, your blog is great :)

  3. when it comes to facebook and this blog i dont see any point to have a profile and a fan page, its nearly 2 of the same thing. not trying to be negative or anything like that, i like your blog. in my opinion profiles are more for personal use. if its for something like a blog or business for example then i think you should only have the fan page. then people can just simply like your page or not and you dont have to worry about all of those creepy friend requests. a fan page and profile page are practically the same, you can do all the same stuff on it. i suggest getting rid of the profile page and just keeping the fan page. having just 1 thing on FB will also give you less work to do. if you decide to do that then you can post a note on the profile letting people know and ask them to join your fan page instead.


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