US vs. UK (Round 7)

'Tis time for another
US vs. UK - Round 7

This week The Hollow and The Haunted by Jessica Verday go head to head ... OR rather book to book ... in a battle of US (left) vs. UK (right)!

The Hollow - Book # 1

The Haunted - Book # 2

I'm gonna have to go with the US on this one as well! I love the vibrancy of the colors on The Hollow cover and the kaleidoscope effect of The Haunted cover. There's a certain melancholy and haunted eeriness that seems very suited to the story.

Random Thought: Doesn't the girl on the cover of The Hollow totally remind you guys of Mila Kunis?!

What say YOU...which series of covers do you like more?


  1. I've never liked the US cover for The Hollow. I do prefer the US cover for the second book, though.

  2. The US cover for the first book is GORGEOUS! I'm not sure about the second US cover, though ...

  3. Wow Ladies! I came by to comment on the US v UK thing but was blown away by you awesome layout for October! LOVE IT!

    And back to the program... OMG, that is totally Mila Kunis! I'm gonna have to go with the US covers too. Great cover finds.


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