Happy Veterans Day!

As a kid,  Veterans Day was no more than a day off from school.  It's now, as an adult, that I can truly appreciate the significance of this day.  I am not only a military wife, but a friend to many who have served this nation. I know people in each branch of the Armed Forces and I have come to understand & appreciate the sacrifices they've made in the name of their country.

Today, regardless of our personal views on politics or world events, lets remember all our Veterans - past, present & future - for without them, this country would not be what it is today.  God bless our servicemen & women and their families!

Last Friday was a  very special day for us.  My husband was officially inducted into the U.S. Coast Guard's Chief Mess.  He joined the U.S. Coast Guard right out of high school and has decided to make a career of it, which I wholly support.  He has traveled across the country, fought immigrants, drug traffickers and even helped birth babies in open waters; he's survived 20 foot waves with minor injuries, and been held at gunpoint in third world countries and still proudly dedicates himself to his country!  

So I'm dedicating this post to my main squeeze and number one hero!  Congratulations on making Chief and for all your accomplishments!  I {along with the rest of the familia} are very proud of you and am happy to stand by your side as a Coastie Wife ♥

A special shout out to Christie at Fiction Enthusiast.  She's a military wife also and her hubby just got a promotion as well!  My sincerest thanks to you & your hubby =)


  1. Ahhh thanks beautiful!

    I love it!


    And thanks for sharing the lovely photo. You make a very handsome pair.

  2. Congrats to your hubby and a sincere thank you!

  3. That is amazing! My husband was kinda in the Air Force (a bit hard to explain lol). Congrats on his promotion and a huge thank you! And also to you too! For being such a supportive military wife! :)

  4. Dawww!

    Love this post. What a beautiful and loving couple!

    Congrats on the promotion. And thank you.

  5. Congrats to your hubby and what a beautiful photo! We are lucky to have courageous people like him protecting our country. Thank you to him and to you for all you do for us. Happy Veteran's Day!

  6. a huge thanks to you and your family!
    tell your hubby congrats!
    here is my veterans day post, when you have time...


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