Hello, My name is Isalys...and I have a problem!

Hello, my name is Isalys and I am a book-aholic. 
This past week, I have seriously book binged!!

You see, it all started last Monday when I started reading "Halfway to the Grave" by Jeanine Frost.  I must tell you all, if you are a fan of PNR Romance and you haven't read this series...stop whatever you're doing, RUN {don't walk} to your local book store and get the first book because it is absolutely spectacular.  

So on Wednesday, 11/24 while at our usual B&N spot, I simply HAD to get book # 2, "One Foot In The Grave" along with a couple others.


I inhaled book # 2 and was itching for "At Grave's End", book # 3 so guess where I found myself again on Saturday.  Yep; back to B&N to add to my weekly donation.  Of course, I intended to get just the one book, but instead walked out with...

However, while I was at B&N I ordered several more books that I knew I wanted but weren't on the shelf.  These are the books that will be going home with me next Wed, 12/1.

So from Wednesday to Wednesday, that's NINE books I've purchased.
Nine books...seriously, does that constitute as a problem?  I'm starting to think it does! 
Thankfully, my husband hasn't cut my ass off yet...lol.

If any of you ever decide to start a support group, keep me in mind - seems like I'm well on my way to needing one!


  1. Hello, my name is Melissa and I also have a problem! I am reading about three books a week. I have purchased so many books along with borrowed this month alone that my husband thinks that I have enough books to read for the next month or so......of course I have read all the books as I have gotten them. I am also a former book-a-holic!

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  3. mwahahaha - 9 books huh? Yea, I see where this might be a problem. I'm a closet book shopper. I buy them and make sure there are no bags or receipts (nor price tags) anywhere near those books. Then I wait for the hubs to be out of the house before I make a mad dash up my stairs and stash them off in my bookshelves. =)

    I may seriously have a problem too. Lemme know if you hear anything about that group.

  4. Hello, my name is Danny ..and I have the same problem!

    First of all *mega squee* for reading the Night Huntress book.. I soooo adore them and Bones is most definitely the hottest Vampire ever!! Oh and speaking about hot...
    Book 2, Chapter 32.... is all I'm saying!
    SO mega glad you are now as addicted as I am!

    And yes, I do the same, I go and buy one book and end of with more and more and more!
    My Kindle and iPad shelfes are full with books just waiting to be read.. but good that I have them already, you never know lol!

    You are not alone my friend, you are in good company!


  5. Lol, you have a serious problem, better get yourself to a book-a-holic meeting ;)

  6. I too am a secret book shopper.. I do most of my book shopping in Walmart so when the charges show on the bank statements I can say that it was groceries or "you member I had to get that thing and it was more than I thought?".. I've also hid books but that bit me in the ass once when I bought the same books twice..lol I always say as far as vices go books ain't so bad..lol

  7. Ohh, thanks so very much! You made me feel so much better. I've neglected my family for days! I've read 4 books in 4 days. However, I did manage to help with T-day dinner, set up the tree, clean the house, do the laundry, eat dinner with my dad, go shopping, visit grandma's, and visit. So, I probably could have read more...

  8. I also, have major book buying issues! Especially since I received my nook. Now I don't have to hide new books in the thousands already downstairs. The just 'are'. Yeah. Oh, wait until hubby sees the cc!!

  9. You say it's a problem but I say it's a passion for great literature!

    All those fancy studies show that reading makes you smarter, so have at it! ;)

    P.S. I'm right behind you in line to buy my books! LOL

  10. Hello, my name is Morgan, and I also have a problem. I am, without a doubt, a book-a-holic! Except I have a Kindle, so it's even worse since I can buy 9 books without ever getting off of my couch. :P I'm not 20 yet and am the personal owner of what I would estimate to be over 400 books, all purchased in about the last 6 years.
    I highly recommend the Julia Quinn that you picked up, as well as the other 7 books in her Bridgerton series. :)

  11. I've done that too. Usually when they let me loose in Half Price Books but I've been known to go crazy in Books A Million too.

    Not to worry...there are a lot of book-aholics out there :)

  12. Hello, my name is Jael and I also have a problem. As far as vices go, this is a great problem to have. I have no intention of doing 12-steps or any other rehab. Books are my main indulgence, even more so than clothes. And I could really use some new clothes, but that's what Christmas money is for!

  13. I've been putting myself on a guilt trip over this problem. I mean, I can't possibly READ all the books I get! But I understand what you mean with the Jeaniene Frost books. Fortunately I started reading them with the first book but I have to get each book as they come out. They are MUST buys. So are a lot of other series. I put myself on bans but it doesn't last. There are always new books coming out for series, and YA books that I just HAVE to read. My hubby actually told me that he thinks our mail is getting ripped open because they think I'm smuggling drugs. Seriously?! He was serious. He says no one else gets that many packages in the mail and it's not normal. Well, I can't help it if I borrow books, win books, get review books and buy books all from places that have to ship them!

  14. Just this Black Friday weekend I've bought... 6 books!


    I seriously can't help it!

  15. Isn't Jeaniene Frost just amazing? I mean, AMAZING! I'm so glad you started her Night Huntress series, it's probably one of my favorites EVER. Enjoy!


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