A Very Special RAK Post!

We were recently contacted by the dynamic duo of Lisa & Laura, authors of The Liar Society.

They got wind of our R.A.K. Feature through the bloggy grapevine and wanted to help spread the word about it.  They asked us to go on their blog and do a special Guest Post telling their followers all about R.A.K.

*Book Soulmates Guest Post on Lisa & Laura Writes*

Ok, now stop for a minute.  Think!
How friggin' cool is it that actual authors visited our blog and liked our feature so much that they want to not only help spread the word, but they want to spread a little book love too.

So much so, that they have offered to provide a R.A.K. for one lucky reader.

They took the time to visit all the March wishlists and they found a reader who had their book on her wishlist so they decided that they will send a copy to her as a RAK.

Shanyn from Chick Loves Lit

You'll be getting a copy of
The Liar Society
as a RAK directly from Lisa & Laura.

We are blown away by the incredible response to R.A.K.  We knew that book bloggers are among the coolest people on the planet *like, duh* but now we also know that you are among the kindest and most generous. 

Thank you to all the readers and *ahem* authors that are participating and bringing smiles to readers faces all across the world!

You guys ROCK our socks!


  1. Oh wow, this is so friggin cool.....you two have really started something here. Congrats!

  2. That's so awesome!!

    I sent out my very first one yesterday! On Amazon you can send it directly to them (if they have their address saved!) without them knowing!!!! YAY!!

  3. That's pretty freakin' awesome. =D

  4. *high five* This is pretty awesome news ladies!

  5. WHAT! This is so awesome!!!!!!!!! All I did was tweet about it! Love everything about RAK and especially these authors for supporting it <3 <3 <3 Thank you so much :)

  6. Wow that is just so cool, Congrats!

  7. This is just beyond awesome that authors are even getting into the spirit! Congrats to Shanyn! (:

    This is my first month participating in RAK, but, I've already seen how kind and generous book bloggers and book blog readers are. You guys are amazing to each other! (:

  8. Yayyyy! Thanks everyone for the kind words! We're very proud of everyone who has participated!!

    YOU guys are the ones that are awesome!!

    ♥ Vanessa

  9. Oooh, so cool! Congrats, Shanyn... so very exciting.

  10. Wow, that's awesome. You guys managed to create a phenomenal global event.

  11. That is awesome! This is my first month joining in, but I absolutely love it already!


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