Tune in Tuesdays: 90s Edition 8.23.11

Tune in Tuesday's is a weekly meme hosted by the super cool Ginger of GReads. It's a meme that showcases the musical side of our interests and hey, who doesn't love music right?! For the next few weeks Tune in Tuesday will have a 90's Edition twist which we're SUPER excited about since we ARE children of the 80's and 90's. So if you want to help her spread the music love head on over to her fabulous blog and join in on the fun!

Vanessa's 1st Pick:
I always feel like going back to the Bahamas whenever I hear this song. Margaritas, anyone?

Isalys's 1st Pick:
Because you know I have to have my ROCK pick :}

Vanessa's 2nd Pick:
Gotta represent Miami!!
If any of you visit us, expect to be greeted by this song at the airport ;-)

Isalys's 2nd Pick:
I loved this song as a kid...before my high school rock years, lol.

We really are having the best time with this feature!!
The 90's Rule[d]! lol

What are YOUR favorites?


  1. Great post :P

    Im hosting a giveaway right now to win an ARC or a swag pack if you want to stop by and enter :)


  2. ahhh Free Your Mind! I just commented on some one else's En Vogue pick this week about how in 6th grade choir I did a lip-sync routine to this song. HAHAHA Wow I was cool.

  3. I would LOVE a margarita right about now! Especially since it's raining here :(

    Miami :)

  4. Love UB40's Can't Help Falling in Love.
    Love the Cranberries!
    Love En Vogue's bad assness.
    Not loving Will Smith's Miami song so much. Sorry... =/

  5. My friend played that En Vogue song at her wedding and dedicated it to me (it was late in the party) because it was popular when we used play cards in her family's camper parked in the driveway. It's not a song I think about much and it doesn't really have special meaning, but boy did that crack me up. We danced like crazy fools.

  6. Great bunch of songs.. love the Cranberries..they are like totally 90's for me

  7. lol Will Smith. Love it! & the Cranberries are amazing, I think I've heard them the most throughout 90s edition and I've been glad every time :)

  8. Ok I'm going to age myself but I totally love The Cranberries. Takes me back to high school...ah memories!

  9. Great songs! Love me some Cranberries though!!

  10. UB40!!! I LOVED them! Had the cassette & everything. lol. And of course The Cranberries are one of my fav bands of all time... as is evident by my Tune in Tuesdays last week. Nice!


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