Got questions? We'll VLOG the answers!

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Thank you to all who assisted us by answering our little survey.  Your input is greatly valued!

One of the things that you guys mentioned you want to see return are our VLOGS :) We also asked what kind of vlogs you'd like to see and quite a few of you wanted us to do an interview vlog, where YOU ask us the questions.

So, let's try this again...

What is it about Isalys and/or Vanessa that you've wondered about?
You can ask us anything, such as:

Exactly how many shoes does Isalys own? (I'll give you a clue: A LOT! lol)
Where has Vanessa been hiding?
What's our favorite reading spot?

Here's your chance!
Leave a comment below with your question(s). 
They could be personal, blog related or book related.

Once we've collected all the questions, we'll VLOG the answers back to you.
Fun, right? We thought so too!


  1. Cool idea.
    OK here I go:
    I miss V! When will she be making a comeback?

  2. Oh man. A vlog! WIN! I laughed at the shoes Q. You need to answer it anyway, and show off your collection. :)

    And so, Isalys, what is your favorite snack?


  3. About how many books do you read in a week? Or a month if that's easier. :-)

  4. Yay! A vlog! I actually do have a few questions: Do you have any quirky reading habits? A certain favorite reading spot?

    Do you ever get blogging blues? How do you deal with them if you do?

  5. I actually do want to see those shoes!

  6. This is a question for both of you. Do you prefer reading physical books or ebooks? I love the look of physical books better, but to me it's easier for me to read on my nook. :)

  7. Oh my goodness, I completely missed the survey but I am excited about the Vlog!

    Here are some questions for the both of you:

    What are your favorite reading positions? Do you read in the same position or do you find yourself contorting your body into interesting poses?

    Other than reading, what is your next obsession?


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