Time to reinvent Book Soulmates!

Some months ago, Book Soulmates fell off the map!  You all know that blogging takes a lot of work & dedication and we simply weren't able to keep up with it like we used to.  Vanessa had gotten busy trying to start her own business and I (Isalys) had some personal issues I was dealing with.  At that point, the blog became less hobby and more chore!

The good news is that things have settled down a bit and absence does indeed make the heart grow fonder because we miss blogging!  We miss the camaraderie!  We miss you guys and being a part of this awesome community and we feel it's time to start fresh!

Last summer, we devised a survey with a series of simple questions to determine what was working, what wasn't and what could use improvement.  We got some good feedback but we want to hear from you again.  Sorry if we're bugging you with these surveys, it's just that your opinions are very important to us!

If you filled out the survey last summer, don't worry about doing it again.
One of our goals is to simplify and streamline our blog so your answers will help us determine what stays and what goes!

Book Soulmates 2012 Survey

PS:  We plan to relaunch in January.  Hoping to come up with some good stuff for you guys by then.

THANK YOU for...well, everything!



  1. oh yes come back!!!I miss you! But I know how it can be.. time is busy, other things become more important and suddenly there is no blogging time anymore! So, yes please come back to us!

  2. Yay :) We miss you! Especially the videos.

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  4. I of all people understand how it feels when blogging goes from something fun to do to being a chore. Without giving myself away TOO much I'll just let you know Isalys, that, my muchiness has returned, as you said it would, and though the "Rabbits Corner" is indeed still dead there's a new blog that I call home. You were one of the very few people who seemed to understand how easy it was to go from enjoying blogging to being, well, suffocated by it and were always there telling me to do what I needed to do and that you'd still like me either way. Life got pretty crazy (not the good crazy) for me this past year and a half and now that I finally made the effort to do what I wanted I slowly rediscovered my love for reading. Now, let me return the favor. You ladies take as much time as you need to get things situated and in order. We're all here waiting for you with open hearts and arms.


  5. Good to see you! I am coming to the point of feeling like blogging is a chore now since I have become so busy and not having much time for reading. I sort of think I need to start maybe, possibly scheduling posts or something b/c I don't wanna drop my blog or anything, but still not sure....

  6. I miss your face babycakes! Can't wait for you to get back hardcore!


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