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Today, we have author Jennifer Murgia with us to talk about what it’s be like if HER latest book hit the silver screen!
I never told anyone how I felt about her. Not even Evie—not in so many words. And now, I’ll never get the chance to.
When a class assignment brings quiet Chase Mitman and the stunning Evie Cunningham together, a mutual attraction ignites. There’s only one problem—Evie already has a boyfriend—one who practically OWNS Whitley Prep, and her.

Knowing their relationship comes at a price, Chase’s life collides with Evie’s, and after entrusting her with a tragic secret, the last thing he’d ever expect is to learn she keeps a few of her own.

An innocent prank turns ugly. An anonymous note changes everything. And lives at Whitley Prep will never be the same.
From YA author Jennifer Murgia (Angel Star, Lemniscate, The Bliss), comes an emotional story focusing on the social agenda of students at a preparatory high school and the impact it has on their lives. BETWEEN THESE LINES offers a haunting reminder that sometimes the person you think you know the most is the one you know the least—and sometimes, that person is yourself.

Fans of Simone Elkeles and Tammara Webber will appreciate Murgia, who understands that first love is heady and complicated and full of surprises.
Between These Lines: Movie Madness
Isn’t it fun to dream? That’s what authors do 24/7. . .and if we’re lucky, it comes out as a book. But what if we took our dreams a step further and envisioned our characters up on the big screen? Really, if that happened to me, I think I’d faint!

So with smelling salts handy, because you never know what the future may bring, I’m going to pretend my latest YA novel BETWEEN THESE LINES will someday be made into a movie.

Because, yeah, it’s fun to pretend!

So picture this . . . a gorgeous, prestigious private school somewhere in Connecticut.
Ahh . . . Whitley Preparatory.  Surrounded by lush green lawn, impeccable architecture and filled with secrets!

The main characters?

Shane Whitley, head of the Debate team, the Headmaster’s spoiled nephew. He’s most likely Harvard-bound but beneath that perfect image is a rotten core. He’s determined to put anyone and everyone in their place, no matter what the cost.

The perfect Shane Whitley? Chase Crawford

Enter the brooding bad boy. The James Dean silent type who sits at the back of the class avoiding everyone. That would be Chase Mitman, the boy with a haunted past.

The perfect Chase would be played by Mike Vogel.

And the perfect Evie Cunningham?

She needs to be ethereal, quiet, contemplative, and longing for something bright and beautiful. Her world has turned upside down until . . . Chase becomes her study partner.

The only actress who LOOKS like Evie to me is Amanda Seyfried.

So that’s my dream cast for BETWEEN THESE LINES! 

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