Question of the Day 5.25.13

I brought the Plinky Question of the Day feature over to Book Soulmates because it was one of my favorite posts to create.  It's a great way to get to know you guys better and vice versa.  Sometimes the questions will deal with books or reading but, most of the time they won’t.  Because, let’s face it, there’s more to us than what we read.

Superstitions:  Do you have any?  Or do you think they're silly?

Unfortunately, superstitions were ingrained in me by my family when I was growing up and some of them kind of stuck.  *sigh*  I know they're silly and not rooted in logic but, it's one of those things I do on autopilot.  For example, one of the ones that I do to this day is not put my purse on the floor because, according to my family, it will cause you to lose money.  Logical?  No.  Do I still do it because some where in my brain I think it will actually happen?  Yes.  I guess the only bonus is that the bottoms of all my purses are spotless.  ;-)

Are you guys supersitious?

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